Have you ever wondered why your child may be naughty while traveling in a car or simply does not want to go anywhere? Why does he like to sit in a car seat and not in a child seat? Try feeling your car seat and the car seat your child is in today. Feel the difference? And your child feels it with every trip. Most child car seats are designed the same way. They can be expensive or inexpensive, beautiful and not very well-known brand or not, but at the heart of almost all child car seats is a hard plastic frame that is covered with a fabric cover. At best, a thin layer of foam rubber or polystyrene is placed. Would you be comfortable in such a chair during the trip? Think about it, until the age of 12, a child should only ride in a car “in a special child restraint”Therefore, the comfort and convenience of a child car seat is very important, no less than safety. In 2014, the Russian market entered RENOLUX company – French manufacturer of child car seats. RENOLUX has been developing and manufacturing child car seats for over 40 years at its Nord-Isère plant near Lyon. Over the years, we have accumulated vast experience in the production of chairs. The main priority of the company is comfort and safety. And it is not just words. With unconditional compliance with the highest safety requirements that exist today, RENOLUX car seats have many awards from European specialized magazines as the most comfortable child car seats. And chairs from the line RENOLUX SOFTNESS, thanks to patented technology, can rightly be called the most comfortable child car seats in the world. What is the secret of this technology? armchair line RENOLUX SOFTNESS based on technologies that came from motorsport. The car seat is based on space frame made of high-strength steel, which by several times exceeds the European requirements for child car seats in terms of strength. On this frame, using a special patented technology, applied high pressure polyurethane foam, which, unlike rigid plastics, has a high ability to absorb impact energy, providing the most effective protection for your child in an accident. Thanks to this, the base of the seat turns out to be heavy-duty, and in terms of comfort, the child car seat is not inferior to seats in premium cars. Sitting in such a chair is comfortable for a child, as well as for you in yours. Armchair extraordinary soft and comfortable, with thoughtful ergonomics adapted to the pediatric anatomy. It takes the form of a child, adjusting to a small passenger. This is very important, especially on long trips. Company RENOLUX prides itself on attention to detail. Although, can it really be called trifles that creates additional convenience for the child or parents? Thanks to this attention, the chairs are brought to almost perfection. Chair covers RENOLUX SOFTNESS Made from premium fabrics and materials that are soft to the touch, durable, easy to clean and provide extra comfort, and easy to remove for washing. AT chair RENOFIX (15-36 kg) The backrest is reclining and adjusts to the back of the car seat, You can easily increase the reclining by simply increasing the backrest of the car seat. You can adjust the seat to the height of the child with one hand, in almost one movement. No need to mess with reinstalling and adjusting belts, etc. Armchair KIDKONFORT (9-36 kg) has a special compartment in the back of the case for storing unused straps and other items and you will not lose anything. Booster JET super light and super comfortable. Also, such a trifle that the chairs RENOLUX just beautiful. Look at the model for example RENOFIX for children from 9 to 36 kg. For all chairs RENOLUX The manufacturer provides a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase. But, of course, the chair will last much longer, just like millions of chairs. RENOLUX around the world. Because the chairs are designed and produced only in France, with the greatest care and attention to detail. RENOLUX wishes you and your child a safe and comfortable trip!