How to raise twins

Pregnancy and the birth of a child is always a great miracle for parents, and if twins are born, then happiness is twice as much. But on the shoulders of mothers and fathers of newborns, in addition to boundless joy, the task is not an easy one – to be able to give their babies maximum attention, care, love and affection. They will have to nurture a separate personality in each child, but without violating their unique bonds. In front of them are two tiny human souls, two completely different little people, each of which in the future will move only along their own life path.
How to raise twins

You will need

  • attention, love and patience.


Do not call babies by similar names. It is best that they are completely different in sound and pronunciation. It is very difficult for young children to get used to this, and in most cases they begin to get confused in their names.
Up to a year and a half, kids can be dressed up in exactly the same clothes and give the same toys. This will not affect the child’s development in any way. But as the kids get older, try to dress them in different clothes. This will contribute to their personal development, as each of them has their own character.
After nine to ten months, babies begin to be jealous of their mother for each other. At this point, try to give your attention to each one individually.
From the very beginning, teach your kids to eat at the same time and be sure to put them to bed at the same time. Develop a daily routine that works for you and stick to it strictly.
Do not torture yourself, bathe the kids on different days, this will greatly simplify your task.
For a walk, first dress a calmer child. He will be able to wait five minutes, while the fidget will start acting up.
Provide each child with personal space whenever possible. Each kid should have his own corner: a table, a chair, a box with toys, pencils, plasticine, albums. Give children both personal and shared toys that they can play together.
Play with children in joint logic games. Pay attention to how they listen and remember. Walk and spend more time outdoors.
Try to pay attention to the characteristics of the character of each child and help them realize themselves as a person. Remember that every baby is different. Treat them as individuals with their own needs and desires.
Teach children to stick together and protect each other.
Feel free to accept any help that is offered to you. After all, educate twins – It’s not easy work!
Helpful advice
Parents should understand that their children are two completely different personalities. Each of them has its own character and tastes.