How to teach a baby to swim

Teach baby swimming is very important, because thanks to this skill, you can accelerate the physical and psychomotor development of the child, harden him by regulating the temperature of the water, strengthen the nervous system, improve blood circulation and metabolism.
How to teach a baby to swim


Before classes, you need to give the child a light massage in the form of stroking and a little gymnastics to warm up the muscles. Then you need to prepare a bath, treat it with laundry soap and pour water at a comfortable temperature (36-37 ° C).
The first exercise will be “walking” along the bottom of the tub. The right hand of the instructor should be on the chest babyand the left one on the back. In this case, with your thumb, you need to secure the baby’s chin. The child is led along the bottom, simulating walking. Perform the exercise at least 5 times.
The second exercise is called “eights”. The starting position of the child is lying on his back. The instructor places his right hand under the baby’s head, with the thumbs of both hands he insures the chin. Body baby slowly move the “eights” along the bath. The exercise is also performed up to 5 times.
The same exercise is performed in the supine position. With the right hand, the instructor supports the child’s left armpit. With his chin, the kid rests on the wrist joint of an adult, with his left hand the instructor tries to secure the back of the head baby. Do 5-6 “eights” on the stomach.
After that, they do an exercise that simulates diving. With his left hand, the instructor scoops up water and pours water from his fingers onto the child’s forehead, while simultaneously giving the “dive” command aloud. Repeat the exercise several times.
At the moment when the child holds his breath, it is necessary to lower him under water, while the instructor’s left hand is on the back of the baby’s head. It is not necessary to make the first lesson long, the mood of the child should influence his time in the water. Start with 5 minutes, moving gradually to a longer time. And each time add a minute when the baby dives.
Be sure to check with your doctor before taking baby swim, as not all young children are shown swimming lessons.