How to dye a wig

Wig — a won­der­ful tool for rein­car­na­tion. Chang­ing chic wigs, you can feel new every day, cre­ate unex­pect­ed images and moods. Tak­ing care of wigs is no more dif­fi­cult than car­ing for your own hair, but in order to dye a wig, you need to know some sub­tleties.
How to dye a wig

You will need

  • To dye your syn­thet­ic hair wig, you will need:
  • - per­ma­nent mark­er;
  • — alco­hol-based ink for stamps;
  • - latex gloves
  • - cot­ton wool or brush;
  • - uten­sils for paint.


So, wigs are made of nat­ur­al and arti­fi­cial hair. With nat­ur­al wigs, every­thing is quite sim­ple — they can be dyed with the usu­al hair dye, giv­en their col­or and struc­ture. The only con­di­tions are that you should not dye too dark hair into a rad­i­cal white col­or, and also dye wigs based on mono-fab­ric, as it will also be dyed.
As for arti­fi­cial hair, their col­or­ing is a very spe­cif­ic process. Strict­ly speak­ing, experts in this field — styl­ists and hair­dressers gen­er­al­ly do not rec­om­mend dye­ing syn­thet­ic fiber wigs, since, most like­ly, any com­po­si­tion will spoil the appear­ance of the prod­uct. But, if you real­ly want to change the col­or of the wig, you can fol­low the advice of cos­play par­tic­i­pants, who have long become pros in this mat­ter.
The safest dyes for arti­fi­cial hair are alco­hol-based dyes. It can be a mark­er, alco­hol ink for stamps and prints, ink for print­ers. In addi­tion, some advise using batik for dye­ing — a spe­cial paint for cre­at­ing pat­terns on fab­ric.
The eas­i­est way to change the col­or of a wig is to care­ful­ly col­or each strand with a felt-tip pen, as if you were paint­ing a pic­ture on paper. This is a labo­ri­ous method, which is suit­able only for light short wigs, but it is quite safe. You won’t ruin your hair.
If you are going to dye your wig with ink, you can apply it to your hair with cot­ton wool or a brush. Be sure to wear gloves when doing this and pro­tect your cloth­ing and sur­round­ing fur­ni­ture from ink splash­es. For par­tial col­or­ing of some strands, use hair­pins. After dye­ing, let the wig dry.
Many advise dye­ing syn­thet­ic wigs with batik. It is also good that you can choose the col­or you need from a wide range of col­ors. The wig will need to be soaked in a solu­tion of batik with water for 3 days (2–3 cans of dye per 3 liters of water). Then the wig should be dried (prefer­ably out­side). Unfor­tu­nate­ly, this method can dam­age the struc­ture of the arti­fi­cial fiber, mak­ing it more rigid and brit­tle. There­fore, hair from an arti­fi­cial wig can fall out. How­ev­er, if you use it care­ful­ly and comb it gen­tly, you can wear this wig for a long time.


By Yara