If you are used to car­ry­ing a lap­top, tablet and oth­er gad­gets with you to work in the office, cafe or local park, a spe­cial back­pack is indis­pens­able! Such an acces­so­ry is much more spa­cious and more con­ve­nient than a reg­u­lar bag, more­over, it can be no less styl­ish and orig­i­nal.

Choos­ing the best lap­top back­pack can be con­fus­ing. There are many dif­fer­ent fac­tors to con­sid­er, includ­ing appear­ance, size, com­fort, and price. In addi­tion, the eyes are full of brands offer­ing mod­els one bet­ter than the oth­er. In order not to get con­fused, we offer our advice on choos­ing.

Why is a backpack better than a bag?

High-qual­i­ty lap­top bags are suit­able for those who occa­sion­al­ly take gad­gets with them to study or to the office. How­ev­er, if you are con­stant­ly trav­el­ing with your “lap­top”, are a fre­quent vis­i­tor to air­ports and train sta­tions, extra lug­gage is inap­pro­pri­ate. It is much bet­ter to choose a back­pack for a lap­top, which will also fit per­son­al items, than a bag and a sep­a­rate suit­case. You can even buy a com­fort­able trav­el back­pack with a remov­able cov­er that is easy to take out and car­ry sep­a­rate­ly. Anoth­er option is a trans­former mod­el that quick­ly turns from a back­pack into a small suit­case. You can choose styl­ish urban back­packs with prac­ti­cal com­part­ments for gad­gets at the link.


Comfortable sizes

Back­packs with a lap­top com­part­ment should be cho­sen based on the size of your device. Usu­al­ly, man­u­fac­tur­ers indi­cate which lap­top size fits into the com­part­ment (this char­ac­ter­is­tic will be indi­cat­ed in inch­es). Since your device is most cer­tain­ly not light, the sec­ond thing to look at is com­fort. Make sure that the mod­el is com­fort­able enough and, even when ful­ly loaded, does not injure your back. It is bet­ter to wear the back­pack high on the back so that the bot­tom of the back­pack is at waist lev­el. If you plan to reg­u­lar­ly car­ry a lot of weight, con­sid­er hav­ing a chest, waist, or hip belt to take pres­sure off your spine. Before you buy a back­pack, put it on to make sure it’s com­fort­able. The straps should have a breath­able mesh lin­ing, and the back should be tight enough so that the hard body of the gad­get does not put pres­sure on the spine.


Anoth­er nuance regard­ing the size: if you plan to take a back­pack as hand lug­gage dur­ing flights, take care of the appro­pri­ate dimen­sions. Of course, here every­thing depends more and more on the para­me­ters of the lap­top. How­ev­er, check with the air­line you use the most for your car­ry-on bag­gage allowance. The aver­age dimen­sions of air car­ri­ers are 55x40x20 cm. Read more in this arti­cle.

Water resistance

A lap­top back­pack should be water­proof and easy to clean. While trav­el­ing or just on the way to work, you can get caught in the rain or snow. A back­pack made of water­proof mate­r­i­al will pro­tect your lap­top and keep it dry. If an option­al remov­able cov­er is pro­vid­ed, even more pro­tec­tion will be pro­vid­ed. Some trav­el back­packs come with water­proof cas­es to keep valu­ables and elec­tron­ics com­plete­ly dry.

When decid­ing which back­pack to choose for a lap­top, do not hes­i­tate for a minute — mois­ture resis­tant. In this regard, the best mate­r­i­al is poly­ester with a water-repel­lent coat­ing.


Make sure that the fab­ric from which the mod­el is sewn is durable, resis­tant to abra­sion, does not tear or crack at the seams, mak­ing the lap­top vul­ner­a­ble to exter­nal influ­ences. The anatom­i­cal back, ven­ti­lat­ed lin­ing are also use­ful design fea­tures — they pre­vent back sweat­ing when car­ry­ing the acces­so­ry for a long time, in hot weath­er.

Lightning around the perimeter

One of the most con­ve­nient fea­tures of suc­cess­ful back­packs for equip­ment is a zip­per around the entire perime­ter. These acces­sories open at the front and can be packed like a suit­case. Tra­di­tion­al top-load­ing back­packs can be tricky to pack and unpack, espe­cial­ly if you have to car­ry a lot of stuff. It will be much eas­i­er to take out the gad­get with­out turn­ing all the con­tents over if the zip­per allows you to open the bag from the front.


The sec­ond impor­tant point is safe­ty. It is worth giv­ing pref­er­ence to strong, prefer­ably lock­able zip­pers. Elec­tron­ics are always tempt­ing to thieves, and it is espe­cial­ly com­mon to become the object of their prof­it while trav­el­ing. There­fore, buy lap­top back­packs with zip­pers from rep­utable brands, such as YKK.

Laptop compartment


Speak­ing about how to choose the right back­pack for a lap­top, one can­not ignore the dis­tri­b­u­tion of pock­ets and com­part­ments. The lap­top com­part­ment itself should be well padded so that the device is always safe from bumps and dam­age. You should choose an acces­so­ry with addi­tion­al pock­ets, in which it will be con­ve­nient to hold charg­ers and cables so that they do not get tan­gled. At the same time, there should be enough space for a wal­let, keys and a phone, all this should be kept away from the com­part­ment for the gad­get so as not to scratch it.


By Yara