Talk­ing to your baby is very impor­tant, but there is no sin­gle dic­tio­nary or guide for par­ents. How­ev­er, there are phras­es to be avoid­ed. Don’t for­get to like, let’s get start­ed

👍Good job! Well done! Yes, this is an approval, but with­out specifics, the baby may not under­stand what exact­ly he is being praised for, and over time, such prais­es will become white noise. Add clar­i­fi­ca­tions — you assem­bled the toys per­fect­ly, you got a beau­ti­ful draw­ing, etc. depends on a sit­u­a­tion

🙈 I’m ashamed of you! Too harsh, again add specifics, for exam­ple: “It upsets me that you did this. But I still love you.” Don’t let the child feel bad, please

😭Don’t cry! The kid should be aware and under­stand his feel­ings, and not hide them. Baby cry­ing is annoy­ing, but find the strength to hug a baby who is expe­ri­enc­ing neg­a­tive emo­tions and tell him some­thing like: “I under­stand that you are upset about .… It’s okay, you can cry, I’ll sit with you.” And let the baby cry

🍰 Eat every­thing — get dessert! In no case should sweets be manip­u­lat­ed as a reward, at an ear­ly age a child may accept the idea that ordi­nary food is not so tasty. Bet­ter try to say: “To be strong and healthy you need to eat every­thing. When you real­ize that you are full, tell me and I will give you dessert”

If you don’t eat well, you’ll get sick! Con­tin­u­a­tion of the pre­vi­ous para­graph. It is more impor­tant to con­vey to the baby that every­one is sick, but if a per­son eats well, then he recov­ers faster

👣Come here now! If the child is busy — do not tear him off and do not rush. Great option: “We should have lunch, will you have five min­utes to fin­ish?”. Thus, you will also teach your child to esti­mate the amount of time required for some action.

😡 Because I said so! A fre­quent phrase and again we come to the specifics. Explain to the child why it is so, and not oth­er­wise. It will take a lit­tle time, you will have to pick up argu­ments, but the child will under­stand that there are some objec­tive rea­sons

❗️🤔Always think about what exact­ly you say to your child. Chil­dren under­stand every­thing very well if they are giv­en the right infor­ma­tion. What do you think, what oth­er phras­es should not be said to babies?


By Yara