Hel­lo! In this arti­cle, we will dis­cuss with you how to prop­er­ly pack a bag to the hos­pi­tal in the emer­gency and post­par­tum depart­ment, as well as a bag for dis­charge. A prop­er­ly assem­bled bag will pro­vide you with 100% com­fort in the hos­pi­tal.

The bag to the mater­ni­ty hos­pi­tal must be col­lect­ed before the 36th week of preg­nan­cy, because. if you sud­den­ly go into labor so that you do not have to do it urgent­ly at the very last moment.

The first thing we will start with is the bag itself. It is desir­able that it be trans­par­ent (so it is more con­ve­nient to find all the nec­es­sary things in it). It is also desir­able that the bag be made of PVC (accord­ing to San­PiN stan­dards). The size of hand­bags is select­ed accord­ing to con­ve­nience. It can be one large bag, or sev­er­al small­er bags.

For Mom

Post­par­tum pads, max­i­mal­ly absorbent (uro­log­i­cal pads)
Breast pads (lin­ers)
Dis­pos­able panties (please note the size)
Wet toi­let paper
Liq­uid soap
Sham­poo and balm con­di­tion­er
Show­er gel, deodor­ant
Tooth­paste and brush
Dis­pos­able razor
Hygien­ic lip­stick (lips often dry dur­ing child­birth)
Nip­ple Cream (Lano­lin)
Night­gown (cot­ton shirt, not long)
Wash­able slip­pers (not slates)
nurs­ing bra
Post­par­tum ban­dage (accord­ing to indi­ca­tions)
Toi­let pads
Toi­let paper, paper tow­els
Plas­tic bags (for dirty linen, garbage, vom­it, etc.)
Com­pres­sion under­wear (stock­ings), if worn before child­birth
Tow­el (for hands, baby, face, etc.)
Bot­tled drink­ing water (sport cap)
Cook­ies, mues­li for a snack
Phone and charg­er
Socks (HB, 2 pairs)
Mois­tur­iz­ing facial spray
Head­phones +-
Eye­patch +-
Absorbent pads 60x90 cm
Bar of choco­late or dates
Crock­ery (spoon, plate, cup)
Home bathrobe
Shoes (for dis­charge)
Dress, suit (not tight)
hair dry­er

The doc­u­ments

The pass­port
CHI pol­i­cy
Exchange card (with all ana­lyzes and rec­om­men­da­tions)
birth cer­tifi­cate
pen­sion cer­tifi­cate
Child­birth con­tract
VHI pol­i­cy
Hus­band’s doc­u­ments
Copy of sick leave (if employed)
Pho­to­copies of all doc­u­ments
Clear­ry Mater­ni­ty Bags

For baby

Dis­pos­able dia­pers (pam­pers)
Wet wipes, baby
Dis­pos­able dia­pers
Tex­tile dia­pers
dia­per cream
Baby soap
Cot­ton swabs with lim­iter
small toy
bot­tle with paci­fi­er
Short sleeve body­suit, socks, hats
Cos­met­ics (for a pho­to on an extract)
cot­ton pads
Show­er cap
Shoe cov­ers


By Yara