There are chil­dren’s books that par­ents some­times secret­ly read. And all because in such pub­li­ca­tions every­thing is per­fect — both the illus­tra­tions and the plot! We have col­lect­ed some of these books for you. Read and enjoy!

“Waffle Heart”, Maria Parr

Books by Maria Parr, the new Astrid Lind­gren, will cer­tain­ly attract the atten­tion of teenagers, because they are writ­ten for them and about them! “Waf­fle Heart” is the debut work of a Nor­we­gian writer, which tells about the adven­tures of the boy Tille and his class­mate friend Lena. The book is pop­u­lar with young read­ers for its live­ly nar­ra­tive and painful­ly famil­iar sit­u­a­tions. The char­ac­ters grow, mature, try to under­stand them­selves and define the feel­ings that sud­den­ly appear in them … What grad­ual mat­u­ra­tion leads to can be found in the sequel book called “The Goal­keep­er and the Sea”, more seri­ous, deep and roman­tic.

Light Bulb, Annette Schap

Annette Schap’s writ­ing debut cap­ti­vat­ed chil­dren and their par­ents: despite the fact that the work reads like a seri­ous sci­ence fic­tion nov­el, it has touch­ing­ness, naivety, child­ish imme­di­a­cy, and expres­sive­ness. This is a book about lit­tle Emil­ia, nick­named Lam­pesh­ka — that’s what her father, the light­house keep­er, calls her. But it’s hard to call this girl’s bright life: she doesn’t have a moth­er, her father drinks, so much so that match­es for the light­house have to be bor­rowed. Is there a place for adven­ture in such a life? Of course! And even though these are not adven­tur­ous trips to oth­er worlds, but Lam­peshka’s adven­tures are no worse: fairs, pirates, and mys­te­ri­ous mon­sters … And most impor­tant­ly — the sea! This work will be an excel­lent step for the child to move from chil­dren’s to adult lit­er­a­ture.

“Here in the Real World” by Sarah Pennypacker

Eleven-year-old boy Var is enrolled by his par­ents in the Recre­ation camp, where chil­dren spend time “in mean­ing­ful social inter­ac­tion with oth­er chil­dren.” How­ev­er, Var wants some­thing com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent — he would like to spend the sum­mer alone, in the world of medieval knights and cas­tles. It’s good that there is an aban­doned church next to the city camp, where Var will def­i­nite­ly be able to do what he dreams of — build his cas­tle! But he does not have plans for this place alone. There he meets the mys­te­ri­ous and stub­born Jolene, who wants to plant a papaya plan­ta­tion in a waste­land near an aban­doned church. Despite the fact that these two are so dif­fer­ent, they have one com­mon prob­lem — their hide­out is under threat. What should chil­dren do when faced with injus­tice?

Fox Mickey’s Diary, Sasha Cherny

Do you love sto­ries told from the point of view of ani­mals? Then this book is for you. Here you will meet the smartest dog — fox named Mick­ey. This cutie is prone to obser­va­tion and reflec­tion, and his sto­ries charge with love of life. And besides that, won­der­ful illus­tra­tions by Ana­toly Eliseev will help you to tru­ly enjoy read­ing!

“From North to South. Travel notes of an old crane, Nikolay Karazin

Trav­el­ing is always a joy. Here is a young crane in a large flock, the flight to warm coun­tries is filled with excit­ing events. And what could be bet­ter?! After all, every­thing is new, every­thing is inter­est­ing! and how you can be home­sick when there is so much new and unknown going on around you. How­ev­er, by the end of the jour­ney, the crane under­stands what real long­ing for home and home is.

“I count the crows”, Lyudmila Odintsova

The book con­tains two sto­ries about birds “Swift named Skovorod­ka” and “I count the crows.” The first sto­ry about a large fam­i­ly that found a lit­tle hair­cut. It is impos­si­ble to leave to the mer­cy of fate, so it was decid­ed to take him home. Grad­u­al­ly, the whole fam­i­ly becomes real ornithol­o­gists, because car­ing for birds is not an easy task. Now mom gives Skovorod­ka a mas­sage, chil­dren catch insects for him, and dad is ready to ful­fill his every whim. One day the time comes to part: the chick has grown up, got stronger, and it’s time for him to go free. The hero­ine of the sec­ond sto­ry, Yul­ka, makes friends with two crows and watch­es their life with inter­est. She learns a lot of inter­est­ing things about birds, and with her, the read­ers of the book.


By Yara