For a first-grad­er, a back­pack is more than just a con­ve­nient means of car­ry­ing sta­tionery and an ana­logue of a soc­cer ball at recess. It is also an ele­ment of style, an oppor­tu­ni­ty to stand out. But if you entrust the choice to a future stu­dent, it may turn out that a cute-look­ing (how­ev­er, this is not a fact) back­pack will turn out to be uncom­fort­able, eas­i­ly soiled and will cause incon­ve­nience all year.

You under­stand that the per­son who accom­pa­nies the child to and from school will also have to wear it. How can you do it? Offer the future first grad­er a list of the back­packs you have already cho­sen that meet qual­i­ty require­ments (more on that below). And let him select 5 mod­els from this list that he likes. Order the select­ed mod­els, try them on a child.

Choose the back­pack that will sit best and will ide­al­ly fit both the face and the back of the child. Don’t over­pay for the excess. 5 in 1 is a great mar­ket­ing ploy. Increas­ing­ly, man­u­fac­tur­ers offer to pur­chase a pen­cil case (often with fill­ing), a lunch box, a change bag, a gym bag and a water bot­tle along with a back­pack. The set of acces­sories may change, but the essence is the same: you over­pay for things that a) can be bought much cheap­er; b) which you may already have in stock; c) may sim­ply not be use­ful, because each teacher of the begin­ning has his own require­ments for the same pen­cil case and its con­tents.

For a child who wants every­thing to be in the same style, offer an alter­na­tive: pick up a lunch box and a water bot­tle from the same col­lec­tion, and choose the pen­cil case that he has been dream­ing of for a long time. And then, it’s bor­ing when every­thing is the same. Nev­er­the­less, there are things that will be use­ful for a back­pack: side pock­ets (for that very bot­tle of water, for exam­ple); inter­nal phone pock­et; divi­sion into 2–3 com­part­ments inside the back­pack or the pres­ence of a mesh / elas­tic band (this will allow the child to be accus­tomed to accu­ra­cy: store text­books sep­a­rate­ly, and note­books sep­a­rate­ly, and no extra dad­dies); a sim­ple mech­a­nism for tight­en­ing the straps (the child must cope with this on their own) and a reli­able way to fix them.

The weight of the back­pack is also very impor­tant. The col­umn in the prod­uct card with the weight of the prod­uct should be of inter­est to you in the first place! Accord­ing to the rec­om­men­da­tions of Rospotreb­nad­zor, the weight of a first grader’s back­pack with­out text­books should be no more than 700 grams. And togeth­er with text­books (for ele­men­tary school, the aver­age weight of edu­ca­tion­al lit­er­a­ture is 1.5 kg) and office sup­plies, the back­pack should weigh no more than 10–15% of the child’s weight. That is, if your first-grad­er weighs 22 kg (the aver­age weight of a child at 7 years old, accord­ing to WHO tables), then the weight of the back­pack should be 2.2 kg. Then decide on the size (a cen­time­ter or tape mea­sure will help you).

Just as shoes can­not be bought a size larg­er, a back­pack should fit the child per­fect­ly, that is, com­plete­ly adja­cent to the back. Rospotreb­nad­zor has clear­ly defined the require­ments for back­packs for ele­men­tary school stu­dents: The width of the port­fo­lio should not be more than the shoul­ders of the child. Length (height) — 300–360 mm. The height of the front wall is 220–260 mm. Width — 60–100 mm. The length of the shoul­der strap is at least 600–700 mm. The width of the shoul­der strap in the upper part (over 400–450 mm) is at least 35–40 mm.

Life hack: how to under­stand that the back­pack fits per­fect­ly? Its top is at the lev­el of the shoul­der line, and the bot­tom is at the lev­el of the waist.

Impor­tant: the straps should be wide, always with soft pads inside. The mis­sion of the back­pack is very sim­i­lar to yours — to sur­vive the school year. And in order to cope with it, the back­pack must be: with water-repel­lent impreg­na­tion; with care­ful­ly glued and processed seams; with dou­ble zip­per on out­er com­part­ment; from anti-van­dal mate­r­i­al (eco-leather and leather will wait until high school; syn­thet­ics, nylon, poly­ester. It is impor­tant that the fab­ric is durable and easy to clean); But the desires of chil­dren should not be for­got­ten either. A lot of car­toons and com­put­er games influ­ence our chil­dren, they want to be part of this or that move­ment: some­one loves Main­craft, some­one is pas­sion­ate about Among Us, and many are now in love with Pop­py Play­time with these col­or­ful mon­sters. And, if the back­pack you choose is also with your favorite hero, then the child will go to school with more will­ing­ness and desire. You can pur­chase this back­pack by click­ing below)


By Yara