Sum­mer is a great occa­sion to buy com­fort­able clogs for your child, but if this, the most impor­tant rea­son, is not enough for you, then we advise you to read our arti­cle. We have found at least 5 more rea­sons that will make you think about this impor­tant pur­chase! Well? Ready?

1. These are very comfortable shoes!

The clog mod­el is made in the style of the well-known and already loved by many adults and chil­dren shoes from CROCs. You your­self must have worn such com­fort­able crocs at least once. And now you can buy such shoes for your child. He will be com­fort­able run­ning, jump­ing and chas­ing a ball along the beach in these clogs! Mov­able jumpers make it pos­si­ble to secure­ly, but with­out squeez­ing, fix the clog on the child’s leg. Thanks to the cor­ru­gat­ed sole, the child will not slip on wet or smooth sur­faces, and small dot­ted pro­tru­sions on the inner sur­face of the sole will pro­vide a gen­tle foot mas­sage.

2. Clogs are light as a feather!

Heavy shoes in the sum­mer (and at any oth­er time of the year) are just a pun­ish­ment for an active baby. That is why, first of all, you need to pay atten­tion to the weight of the shoes. The clogs we’re talk­ing about weigh just 118 grams. Don’t be sur­prised if the lit­tle one who used to be sad on the bench dur­ing sum­mer walks sud­den­ly becomes very active and climbs all over the play­ground!

3. Clogs are made of eco-friendly material

If you are wor­ried that the baby will be uncom­fort­able in clogs, then we dare to assure you that you are in vain. This mod­el is made of eco-friend­ly and com­fort­able to wear mate­r­i­al: in the heat, the child’s leg will not sweat and that is why you can wear clogs with­out socks.

4. Children can decorate the clogs however they want.

Clogs have spe­cial open­ings on the top and sides, which pro­vide con­stant ven­ti­la­tion. How­ev­er, this is not the only pur­pose of these holes: kids can dec­o­rate clogs with sil­i­cone inter­change­able jibits. Every day a child can have a new pair of shoes: all you have to do is swap the jibits!

5. You can wear clogs everywhere!

These are great shoes for any occa­sion: a child can wear them to the pool, to the beach, to kinder­garten, walk in them at home or walk around the coun­try. Tak­ing off and putting on clogs is eas­i­er than ever! Believe me, if the kid puts on clogs once, he will nev­er want to change them for ordi­nary flip flops or san­dals.


By Yara