Things made of thick foot­er with and with­out fleece can be safe­ly called the basis of chil­dren’s wardrobe. Foot­er cloth­ing is an all-weath­er item. In the spring, we put on suits and over­alls from the foot­er under jack­ets and vests. In cool sum­mers, this is a great self-suf­fi­cient thing. In autumn again with out­er­wear, and in win­ter they per­fect­ly func­tion as under­wear.

The foot­er is a del­i­cate, soft, pleas­ant to the touch fab­ric made of nat­ur­al cot­ton, and most impor­tant­ly, it is not whim­si­cal to use. On the front side, the mate­r­i­al has a smooth struc­ture, and on the wrong side, a light fleece, soft and fluffy, which warms no worse than nat­ur­al wool.

The foot­er has such a tex­ture due to the man­u­fac­tur­ing method: two types of thread are used in weav­ing the fab­ric — smooth, strong and elas­tic on top and loose, soft, slight­ly twist­ed in the sec­ond lay­er. This mate­r­i­al is pro­duced by form­ing loops that are firm­ly con­nect­ed to each oth­er, as in knit­ting.

Foot­er has become pop­u­lar due to its excel­lent prop­er­ties:

  • Breatha­bil­i­ty. Due to the cot­ton fiber and the method of weav­ing in foot­er cloth­ing, air will cir­cu­late freely.
  • Hygro­scop­ic­i­ty. The mate­r­i­al per­fect­ly absorbs mois­ture, which indi­cates com­fort even if a per­son sweats.
  • Hygiene. The foot­er is safe for health, because the fibers are of nat­ur­al ori­gin.
  • Hypoal­ler­genic. The mate­r­i­al does not cause aller­gic reac­tions in con­tact with the skin.
  • Wear resis­tance. With prop­er care, the foot­er will serve for more than one year of active wear and will not even lose col­or sat­u­ra­tion.
  • Ease of main­te­nance. This mate­r­i­al is not whim­si­cal in oper­a­tion and does not require spe­cial care.
  • Heat preser­va­tion. The fab­ric holds heat well due to good air exchange.
  • Dimen­sion­al sta­bil­i­ty. Thanks to loop weav­ing, the foot­er is resilient and elas­tic, which allows prod­ucts to take their orig­i­nal shape after stretch­ing.
  • Envi­ron­men­tal friend­li­ness. The pro­duc­tion of foot­er is based on cot­ton, which has a nat­ur­al ori­gin.
  • Ease of pro­cess­ing. It is easy to sew prod­ucts from the foot­er, and at home it is easy to repair such wardrobe items on your own.
  • Afford­able price.

The dis­ad­van­tages of the foot­er include the abil­i­ty to deform at high tem­per­a­tures. Under the influ­ence of ultra­vi­o­let rays, the struc­ture of the fab­ric can be bro­ken, so you should not leave things out in the open on an open win­dow or dry them on the bal­cony.

Foot­er Care Rules:

  • When wash­ing, use the del­i­cate cycle.
  • The opti­mum water tem­per­a­ture for wash­ing should not exceed 30–40 degrees.
  • Before putting the gar­ment in the wash­ing machine, close all but­tons and zip­pers and turn inside out.
  • Do not use high speed when spin­ning.
  • Do not leave things from the foot­er in the open sun for a long time.
  • Chil­dren’s clothes are rec­om­mend­ed to be washed with gen­tle deter­gents.
  • It is nec­es­sary to iron the foot­er from the wrong side.

The foot­er is great for mak­ing chil­dren’s cloth­ing. There­fore, we are in a hur­ry to tell you great news! We present a new col­lec­tion of chil­dren’s cloth­ing made of Pal­lon­ci­no foot­er in the WILDBERRIES online store!

You are sure to pick up styl­ish bright fash­ion­able things for both girls and boys. Thanks to a wide range, it is easy to assem­ble a wardrobe for any sea­son. There are sweat­shirts with pop­u­lar prints, del­i­cate over­alls with zip­pers for babies, warm trousers with a belt that will not allow a t‑shirt to crawl out, and an addi­tion­al draw­string will hold panties tight­ly dur­ing games. Com­bin­ing mod­els from the Pal­lon­ci­no brand, you will cre­ate a great look for your baby, which will be appro­pri­ate in kinder­garten, on the play­ground, and at a pho­to shoot.

Lit­tle fash­ion­istas will like the nov­el­ties, because Pal­lon­ci­no brand chil­dren’s cloth­ing is a fly­ing style from Ital­ian design­ers. And adults will undoubt­ed­ly be pleased with afford­able prices. Come vis­it us and take a look at our new arrivals!


By Yara