All moth­ers know very well how few 24 hours are for all things, espe­cial­ly for use­ful pas­time with babies. But it is in child­hood that they so need train­ing and help in devel­op­ing motor skills, speech, cre­ative think­ing. for a baby. How to orga­nize train­ing in a fun game and anti-stress for mom? I found this way!

I bring to your atten­tion a new gen­er­a­tion of plas­ticine. It is light, airy, does not stain clothes and hands, the tex­ture is so pleas­ant that it calms the nerves in work. Air plas­ticine has a del­i­cate struc­ture for chil­dren’s hands, you can eas­i­ly mold any toy that dries in the air and replen­ish­es your baby’s toy col­lec­tion. It is also absolute­ly safe com­po­si­tion, with­out chem­i­cals and even gluten.

While play­ing, we not only devel­op hand motor skills, start speech, but we can also learn ani­mals, geo­met­ric shapes. And this online school will help you, where even the small­est learn to sculpt mas­ter­pieces. You will find a QR code for train­ing on box­es with light plas­ticine. The set con­tains 10 col­ors, a stick, instruc­tions with sten­cils and stor­age bags.

I am hap­py with the pur­chase, because now my daugh­ter sculpts every­thing her­self for train­ing, and I have time to drink hot cof­fee! I share with you a link: https://www.wildberries.ru/catalog/78195460/detail.aspx?targetUrl=MS&size=130593890. Hap­py shop­ping! And by the way, you can ask absolute­ly any ques­tion to the sell­er about the prod­uct, they quick­ly answer!


By Yara