Our won­der­ful marathon “Eng­lish for tod­dlers in 7 steps” has come to an end. Today is the sev­enth and final les­son.

Try to learn Eng­lish vocab­u­lary with your baby in the con­text of your dai­ly activ­i­ties and games. To start, choose a lim­it­ed num­ber of words and phras­es. Teach your kid how to use them, and then com­pli­cate them. At the last step, we reveal a cou­ple more secrets of learn­ing Eng­lish with kids.

Well, our marathon has come to an end! We hope you found it inter­est­ing and infor­ma­tive with us. And if you want to watch the video again or show it to your friends, you can always find them on our web­site or add arti­cles with the video to Favorites. Learn Eng­lish the easy way and spend even more time with your kid doing use­ful activ­i­ties!


By Yara