We want to share with you a selec­tion of 20 lul­la­by songs that are ide­al for chil­dren of all ages. The words of many songs are famil­iar to you from child­hood. They are from your favorite movies, car­toons, and TV shows.

As soon as you see that your baby is ready to go to sleep, be sure to turn on these songs, sing along with your voice, and your baby will fall asleep hap­py, sur­round­ed by warmth and moth­er’s love.

  1. Lul­la­by of the she-bear from the car­toon “Umka”
  2. Zhenya Lyu­bich — Lul­la­by of silence (from the movie “He is a drag­on”)
  3. Sleep, my joy, sleep!
  4. Bayu-bayush­ki-bayu — lul­la­by
  5. Lul­la­by from the car­toon “Anas­ta­sia”
  6. “Guli-ghuli, dove” from the film “Foundling”, music by Niko­lai Kryukov.
  7. Lul­la­by of Ari­na Rodi­onov­na from the film “Mus­tache Nan­ny”
  8. Anas­ta­sia Migo­va — Under the Moon
  9. Anas­ta­sia Migo­va — Nochen­ka
  10. Alsu — tired toys sleep
  11. Ele­na Polyako­va — Lul­la­by for daugh­ter
  12. Lul­la­by for Princess Luna — from the car­toon My Lit­tle Pony
  13. Vera Dvoryani­no­va — Baby
  14. Alsu — Sleep my sun
  15. Anas­ta­sia Migo­va — Laven­der col­or
  16. Tatyana Bulano­va — Sleep, my lit­tle boy
  17. “Lul­la­by of the Grasshop­per” from the car­toon “First Vio­lin”
  18. Ele­na Kam­buro­va — Green car­riage
  19. Gray top — lul­la­by
  20. I will smile at my moth­er — lul­la­by

If you don’t know a cer­tain song, then the lyrics of all the songs are very easy to remem­ber. Any mom can learn them in a cou­ple of min­utes.

Thanks to lul­la­bies, the baby grows more calm and bal­anced. He learns not only to hear, but also to lis­ten. Chil­dren whose par­ents turn on or sing lul­la­bies before bed improve atten­tion. Chil­dren grow up kinder, and their speech devel­ops faster.

The author of the mate­r­i­al is Leon, the face of the Just Right brand — super-soft and breath­able clothes for babies. It takes into account the phys­i­o­log­i­cal char­ac­ter­is­tics of the child and per­fect­ly adapts to his dai­ly life.


By Yara