Does your child dream of becom­ing a star of social net­works, so that thou­sands, maybe even mil­lions of peo­ple read and dis­cuss his posts? Your young tal­ent does not want to hear about any­thing, except for one thing — to be a cool blog­ger? Or maybe his head is full of ideas, but lacks the knowl­edge and skills to imple­ment them?

Then the nov­el­ty of the pub­lish­ing house Clever “Star of social net­works. How to become a cool blog­ger” will def­i­nite­ly come in handy for you! The authors — jour­nal­ist and busi­ness coach of Skolko­vo Nina Zvere­va and writer and blog­ger Svet­lana Ikon­niko­va — give a lot of advice, talk about the nuances and sub­tleties, sort out the com­mon mis­takes of blog­gers, explain every­thing with exam­ples and per­fect­ly moti­vate.

The book helps not only to learn a lot of inter­est­ing things and mas­ter cool skills, but also to learn how to express your­self freely and cre­ative­ly.

For whom?

At the very begin­ning, it makes sense to ana­lyze who will be inter­est­ed in the blog, who will become the tar­get audi­ence. Of course, in a sense, all cre­ative peo­ple write and shoot for them­selves, but… Social net­works and blogs pro­vide an excel­lent oppor­tu­ni­ty not only to speak out, but to share with oth­ers inter­est­ing, impor­tant, fun­ny, use­ful and receive feed­back. Blog­ging for your own plea­sure and being rec­og­niz­able and suc­cess­ful at the same time sounds tempt­ing, does­n’t it? The authors of the book will teach you how to com­bine the pleas­ant with the very pleas­ant!

Social media star.  How to become a great blogger

Eight and a half

The intro­duc­tion to the essay should be sol­id, mean­ing­ful and smooth­ly lead the read­er to the point. That’s what they teach in school. But in the world of social media, school rules don’t always work. Accord­ing to research, a blog­ger has only 8.5 sec­onds to engage an audi­ence. A long and non-catchy intro leads to the fact that the user is dis­tract­ed and switch­es to some­thing else. So the intro­duc­tion to the post should be bright and as intrigu­ing as pos­si­ble. Oth­er­wise, even the most bril­liant post risks going unno­ticed.

Social media star.  How to become a great blogger

Mak­ing his­to­ry

In order for a post to attract atten­tion and inter­est, it must have a sto­ry. This means that even a short post needs three impor­tant things: the open­ing, the devel­op­ment of the action, and the end­ing. And, of course, there is always a hero in his­to­ry! How to check if the sto­ry is work­ing? One sin­gle ques­tion: “What is it about?” If you can answer with a short phrase, then you have a real sto­ry.

Social media star.  How to become a great blogger

Give the post time

Ready post should not be post­ed imme­di­ate­ly! It is use­ful for him to give time to lie down in drafts. For a day or at least an hour. Return­ing to the post and look­ing at it with a fresh, rest­ed look, you will always find some­thing that can be improved: remove the super­flu­ous, pick up more accu­rate words.

Social media star.  How to become a great blogger

These tips are a small part of what the authors of the book gen­er­ous­ly share. Do not miss all the life hacks and tricks: how to behave in front of the cam­era, where to get inspi­ra­tion, what to write if noth­ing is writ­ten, how to respond to haters and much more use­ful.

Read, fan­ta­size, exper­i­ment, use copy­right fea­tures and look for your own!


By Yara