What is a mobile and why is it need­ed?

Mobile - this is a hang­ing toy above the cra­dle or baby’s bed — an impor­tant and use­ful thing, the his­to­ry of which goes back to ancient times. Today, rag dolls and straw bulls have been replaced by bright and safe chil­dren’s mobiles — mobile struc­tures that are attached to a spe­cial arc or side of the bed.

Mod­ern mobiles - they are mul­ti­func­tion­al devices that can move auto­mat­i­cal­ly, make pleas­ant sounds and attract the baby’s atten­tion with con­trast­ing col­ors.

Carousel with toys will help the baby:

- learn to con­cen­trate;

- dis­tin­guish col­ors and shapes of objects;

- to mas­ter the first ideas about the loca­tion of objects in space;

- devel­op tac­tile per­cep­tion;

- music helps the child to calm down and fall asleep.

Choos­ing a chil­dren’s mobile cor­rect­ly: what to pay atten­tion to in the first place?

Mobiles are pre­sent­ed in a stun­ning vari­ety. Par­ents or rel­a­tives, puz­zled by the prepa­ra­tion of a dowry for a baby, are often lost in their diver­si­ty. We offer sev­er­al cri­te­ria that will help nar­row the search to a rea­son­able num­ber of options.

1. Mount

Device safe­ty should come first. The screw con­nec­tion is con­sid­ered the most durable, which, along with reli­a­bil­i­ty, has such an impor­tant advan­tage as ease of instal­la­tion. The assem­bled struc­ture must be test­ed in oper­a­tion before it is launched with a child lying in the crib.

2. Toys

Hang­ing toys can be removed on some mobiles, but not on oth­ers. The first option is more prefer­able, as it sig­nif­i­cant­ly increas­es the peri­od of use: a grown-up kid will be hap­py to play with his favorite ele­phant, bear cub or giraffe. The main con­di­tion is that toys should not con­tain small, as well as eas­i­ly detach­able parts. This point should be giv­en spe­cial atten­tion.

3. Mate­r­i­al

Toys can be made of plas­tic or soft tex­tiles. In any case, the qual­i­ty of the mate­ri­als used should not cause the slight­est doubt. There should be no for­eign odors, exter­nal and func­tion­al defects.

4. Col­or

They should be paint­ed in pure and sat­u­rat­ed base col­ors that are easy for chil­dren to per­ceive. Vari­ants with var­ie­gat­ed or acid col­ors are best avoid­ed.

Some mod­ern mobiles from well-known man­u­fac­tur­ers are real enter­tain­ment com­plex­es. In addi­tion to the toy carousel itself, they are equipped with sound, a night light, a star­ry sky pro­jec­tor, some come with a con­trol pan­el.

Well, one more impor­tant argu­ment, while the baby is pas­sion­ate about an inter­est­ing toy, par­ents will be able to take a break.


By Yara