What is knitwear? When did it appear? The main types of knitwear Features of children’s knitwear. Benefits of knitwear for children Children’s knitwear Wildberries.

Every mother knows what knitted children’s suits are. In use, they are very convenient and do not require special care. Let’s figure out what knitwear is and what its positive qualities are.

What is knitwear?

Knitwear is a French word meaning “knitwear”. In its manufacture, the fibers are not intertwined, but connected. The result is a very flexible material. Knitwear appeared in Europe in the 16th century; the first knitwear was brought to Russia by Peter I from Germany.

Currently, there are a lot of types of knitted fabrics, more than 20. The most common:

  1. Kulirka – cotton fabric, the thinnest.
  2. Footer – sometimes from 2 threads, 3 threads, with fleece.
  3. Interlock is a fairly dense fabric, less elastic, but soft.
  4. Ribana – 100% cotton, highly stretchable
  5. An eraser is when rubber threads or elastane are added to the ribana.
  6. Elastic band or “noodles” – consists of cotton or viscose with the addition of synthetics.
  7. Jersey is a dense knitted fabric with a very fine buttonhole step.
  8. Piqué – canvas in a small point, dense, slightly extensible.
  9. Viscose jersey or “oil”.
  10. Terry and velour.

Children’s knitwear

When sewing children’s clothes, they most often use a cooler, interlock, footer, fleece.

  • The cooler is mainly used for summer clothes and children’s pajamas. Knitwear is very pleasant to the body, light, elastic.
  • Interlock is a denser and warmer fabric. Clothes for newborns, long sleeves, pajamas are sewn from it.
  • The footer is irreplaceable at tailoring of sports suits. Warm children’s suits are made of fleece footer.
  • Fleece is used for lining in demi-season and winter suits and overalls. Fleece material – synthetic, unlike natural fabrics, does not absorb moisture, but conducts it and keeps heat well.

Why choose children’s knitwear

  1. Knitwear is safe, does not cause allergies, does not irritate the skin.
  2. Knitted clothing is less prone to wear than woven fabric clothing. For children’s clothing, this is one of the main requirements, since children are very active and inquisitive.
  3. Knitwear is very elastic, so it is comfortable and does not restrict movement, pleasant to the touch.
  4. Knitwear keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.
  5. The advantage of knitwear is that it retains its properties for a long time, provided it is properly cared for.
  6. In the production of children’s knitwear, natural materials with a small content of synthetics are most often used to improve functional qualities.
  7. Children’s knitwear is suitable for year-round use for children of all ages.
  8. Knitwear is versatile. It is suitable for use at home, on a walk, on a trip, for outdoor activities, for going to a clinic, visiting, an entertainment center.
  9. Modern children’s knitwear is very beautiful and bright. These clothes are popular with children, thanks to various prints and patterns. The child will always be the center of attention.
  10. An indisputable advantage is the affordable price for children’s knitwear.

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