A canopy is a beautiful curtain that hangs over a bed. All children’s beds have recently been decorated with canopies, which, in addition to the aesthetic function, also have a practical one. The product protects the child from dust, insects, excessive light, drafts and prying eyes. A canopy is needed for a newborn as additional protection, and an older child helps to get used to independence – the lowered canopy slightly limits the children’s world, in which it is not at all scary to be alone, without a beloved mother. By the way, according to pediatricians and psychologists, such an insignificant detail of the interior as a canopy helps the proper formation and mental development of the baby. Canopies differ from each other in the way they are fixed. Some models cover only the headboard, performing an exclusively aesthetic function, while others, on the contrary, can completely cover the crib and protect against anything. The canopy, as a rule, is attached to the holder, which is fixed on the crib. The length of the canopy can also be different: short ones are less functional, but too long a fabric can cause some inconvenience. The canopy can be made from absolutely any material, but in most cases it is made from light tulle. If the crib will be in the sun, it is advisable to give preference to a denser fabric, such as cotton. Heavy fabric is recommended only when there is a need to protect the baby from drafts or the crib is in a common room. When choosing a canopy, it is advisable to give preference to natural fabrics, artificial ones are less ventilated. Delicate pink tones are traditionally chosen for girls, blue for boys, but you can limit yourself to a neutral white canopy.


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