The kid does not want to brush his teeth – mom is stressed. How to teach a child to hygiene without unnecessary whims, mother’s nerves and childhood injuries? We will be told by the expert of the ReForma program for mothers, psychologist and father Valery Iovchik.

“When forming positive habits, in no case should you force them,” Valery warns. – This will give rise to a negative emotion, the child will resist. Instead, you need to inspire what it’s for.”

Valery Iovchik shared a scheme for developing a habit in a baby, proven by his own experience.

1. Scary pictures

Show your child terrible pictures of what will happen if you don’t brush your teeth: caries, rotten ugly teeth, stomach problems, your tummy will hurt. Tell me very emotionally, in all details. The child must be afraid of such consequences in order for the reptilian brain to work *,

*According to this hypothesis of evolution, the reptilian brain is the most ancient part of the human brain, which is responsible for biological survival and bodily functioning.

2. Alternative

Then show your child pictures of healthy, beautiful, white teeth. He must see an alternative. So we switch the emotional system to work with the new cortex * so that he understands what needs to be done and what not to allow.

* The new cortex is located in the upper layer of the cerebral hemispheres, is responsible for higher nervous functions – sensory perception, execution of motor commands, conscious thinking and, in humans, speech.

3. Positive emotions

To consolidate the habit, you need to add positive emotions to the action. What brings joy, the baby will do without effort and reminders.

Valery Iovchik shared his experience: “Personally, I accompanied my son’s evening exercise with music and dancing. My wife and I came to brush our teeth with him. Now we have no problems with brushing our teeth.”

Using the example of brushing your teeth, a mother can take note: in order to help the baby form the right habit, one must not force, but inspire. Only joy and positive emotions will help to teach the baby to act correctly without whims and tears.