Of course, the safety of the flight depends on many factors: the age, temperament, well-being of the child. But we know how, regardless of them, to make the flight easy and enjoyable! Just make sure your little one doesn’t get bored!

Here are IDEAS for what to do:

6 months +

Take any sensory toys with you. These can be felt books with pictures on Velcro or special rag figures with a teether, a mirror, rustlers, etc.

12 months +

It is very difficult to keep a one-year-old child in one place. Make sure that the baby has something to explore right in the chair. For example, buy some new books and take turns showing them. Also prepare a bag with various small items that can be taken out and folded back.

2-3 years

This is an amazing age when children can already be occupied with puzzles: solving puzzles from a small number of parts, sticking stickers in task magazines, playing board games. You can also decorate, draw, sculpt from plasticine.


Introduce your child to the aircraft by pointing at the surrounding objects and using books about air transport.

Games from “Umnitsa” that will keep children of any age entertained during the flight. Checked!

Cards “Umnitsa®. World in the palm of your hand” will fit in any travel bag, and there are enough game options for a long flight! Look at pictures, read texts, sort, play games like “Third extra”

Logopedic cards “Umnitsa®. Chatterboxes is another versatile set that will fit in your hand luggage. Read the syllabics and rhymes from the cards. With older children, you can come up with your own rhymes related to traveling by plane, for example: tu-tu-tu stewardess on board, fasten all seat belts, etc.

Logic puzzles “Umnitsa®. 100 games” 3+ will easily take the whole family for the duration of the flight! Labyrinths, search for differences and identical objects, drawing games and many others can be done together or in turn, because all the cards are reusable: draw – erase – draw again!


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