Your baby has already grown a little, is actively growing and developing. And for sure, you are wondering if the pace of development of the child corresponds to the average. Check it out!

After the first three months of life, the baby begins to develop more actively. And watching him every day is a real pleasure. After all, a little man knows the world. And even if his “first steps” into adulthood are still insignificant, they are very important for him. After all, this process not only brings joy to the child and you, but is also the main indicator of the correct development of the baby.

Watch the development of the child and rejoice in his success!

Physical development Development features
Baby 4 months old

Height: 62-54cm

Weight: 6.5-6.9 kg

Head circumference: 41.0-41.9 cm

Chest circumference: 41.8-42.0cm

The baby is already easily raising his head while lying on his tummy.

If you hold it upright, it rests on the surface with its legs. Yes, and the baby is already able to sit with support.

The child can freely roll over from his back to his stomach. And from a prone position, leaning on his forearms, he likes to observe the world around him.

He begins not only to actively grab small objects with his palms, but also likes to play with toys hanging over the crib.

Baby 5 months

Height: 64-68 cm

Weight: 7.4-7.8kg

Head circumference: 42.2-43.2 cm

Chest circumference: 43.0-44.3cm

With support or support, the baby can sit down, but he still fails to keep the back straight. But the child already stands exactly on his legs, if you support him with his armpits.

In the prone position, he tries to independently roll over from his tummy to his back.

Begins to distinguish the tone and intonations of the voice, although he does not understand the essence of the words.

He clearly distinguishes his mother from other people and does not like to go into the hands of strangers, actively expressing dissatisfaction.

Baby 6 months old

Height: 66-70 cm

Weight: 7.7-8.0kg

Head circumference: 43.2-44.2cm

Chest circumference: 44.3 – 45.5cm

The baby sits on his own and is held in an even position. He is trying to crawl on all fours. And if you take him by the handles and support him a little, then he will be able to stand straight and even step over his legs.

Lying, he easily rolls over from his tummy to his back.

It can not only swing toys (objects), but also shift them from one handle to another.

He begins to stretch out his hands, asking for his hands and say the first syllables “ma-ma”, “la-la”, etc.

Baby 7 months old

Height: 68-71cm

Weight: 8.3-8.9 kg

Head circumference: 44.0-44.8cm

Chest circumference: 45.0-46.4cm

The kid gets on all fours on his own and crawls quite briskly. Not only sits confidently and for a long time, but also tilts the body forward and straightens back while sitting.

When supported, get on your knees. And with support, he confidently stands on his legs and steps over.

Begins to react to his image in the mirror, reaches for it.

Looks for large objects that are called by adults.

(To be continued)

Author: Natalia Kay, based on the book by N.A. Onuchin “Desktop medical encyclopedia for parents. Child health»

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