How to bring down the temperature of a one-year-old child

An increase in the temperature of babies can be caused by a variety of reasons, from prolonged crying to teething. The first and main recommendation for an increase in temperature in a baby is to call a doctor. But before his arrival, you can alleviate the condition of the child yourself.
How to bring down the temperature of a one-year-old child


Provide fresh air to the room, but do not make a draft.
Start wiping your baby with cool water. You can also use water mixed with vodka or vinegar in equal parts.
Try putting a cabbage leaf on your child’s body. First, treat the leaf with boiling water, then beat off and apply to the body, avoiding the heart area. Fix with foil. Change such compresses every half an hour.
Give as much cool water as possible. You can also use warm rosehip tea. The child should drink in small sips, but often. This will help prevent vomiting.
Try to serve to kid raspberry juice. Or insist a tablespoon of dried raspberries in a glass of water, then strain and let’s drink.
Not bad knocks down temperature infusion of lime blossom (1 cup of dried inflorescences pour a glass of boiling water, insist for several hours). Let’s drink to kidby adding honey.
Some herbalists offer such a non-trivial remedy as juice from unripe green grapes. Make juice out of it and let’s to kidyou can with honey.
Good help to lower temperature citrus. Suggest to kid freshly squeezed juice from oranges or tangerines. Grind the lemon with honey and give this mixture to the baby several times a day.
If the temperature does not decrease, start using antipyretics. It can be candles or syrup. Be guided by the condition of the child: if diarrhea occurs, then the candles will not be effective and it is better to give to kid syrup. If, on the contrary, the child is vomiting, then use candles.
Be sure to monitor the general condition of the child! If the child stopped crying, suddenly froze, his eyes rolled back and his limbs began to tremble, this indicates that he began to have convulsions. If you know that the child is prone to seizures, always begin to reduce temperature immediately, as soon as you discover its increase. If the doctor offers to hospitalize the child, then do not refuse. A small patient in a hospital will be provided with more effective assistance.

Advice 2: How to remove the temperature in a child

Typically, the body child reacts with an increase in body temperature to an inflammatory process, a viral or bacterial infection. If you notice that the crumbs have a fever, do not worry. Your correct actions will help the baby and normalize the situation.
How to remove the temperature in a child


For babies of the first year of life, the natural body temperature is 37 degrees. Subsequently, it will drop to 36.6. Remember that fever is not a disease, but only a symptom of it. In this way, the body produces antibodies, increases defenses and inhibits the reproduction of bacteria and viruses. That is why pediatricians recommend for children up to a year to shoot down temperaturewhen it becomes higher than 38.2 degrees, and for older babies – if it exceeds 38.5.
start knocking down temperature at child only if it exceeds the allowable mark. In this case, it is necessary to carefully examine the skin of the baby. If it is moist, bright red, and the legs and arms are very hot, do a water-vinegar rubdown. To do this, mix water and vinegar in a ratio of 5: 1. An enema with cool water and a cold compress on the forehead will help relieve the heat.
If child chilly, dry skin, give him an antipyretic for children. Dilute water with alcohol, or take vodka and thoroughly rub the baby’s hands and feet. Then wrap it up and drink hot tea with raspberries or cranberries. After the child sweats, be sure to change him into dry clothes.
Do not forget that at elevated temperatures dehydration occurs. Therefore, as much as possible and as often as possible, offer the baby to drink. As a drink, decoctions of dried fruits, tea from chamomile, linden, rose hips are suitable. Even when the heat is not very strong child be sure to call the doctor at home. Indeed, some rather serious diseases can begin in this way. And if the crumbs have a reddened throat against the background of a high temperature, rashes and a runny nose appear, then the sooner the specialist makes a diagnosis and prescribes the necessary treatment, the faster your baby will be able to recover.


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