How to change the look

Chang­ing your appear­ance is an oppor­tu­ni­ty to get out of the gray every­day life, acquire new emo­tions and, pos­si­bly, new friends. It would seem that it can be eas­i­er than chang­ing your appear­ance — just put on new things and a new out­fit is ready. How­ev­er, chang­ing the appear­ance is a whole range of activ­i­ties that we will tell you about.
From gray mouse to bad girl


The very first thing you can do to make oth­ers notice it is to change your hair­style. If you have had long hair all your life and have nev­er dyed it, it’s time to make an appoint­ment with a hair­dress­er. If you don’t know what hair­style suits you, con­sult with him, but bet­ter, try to “try on” all pos­si­ble hair­styles in advance. This can be done with the help of vir­tu­al pro­grams, of which there are many in the vast expans­es. There you can not only see your­self with a new hair­style, but also try on unusu­al make­up and clothes. If you have cho­sen a hair­style, feel free to put your­self in the hands of a hair­dress­er. You don’t have to cut your hair short. It is enough to choose a good col­or, trim, remove excess with thin­ning, per­haps make a bang if you have not worn it before. The own­er of short hair can decide on a hair exten­sion pro­ce­dure. Still, long hair adorn any girl.
The sec­ond stage on the way to a new one is the selec­tion of make­up. If you are not used to make­up, then at first it will be dif­fi­cult. We also advise you to buy col­ored con­tact lens­es for a com­plete change of image. They are both with diopters and with­out them. And already based on the col­or of the eyes, plan the col­or scheme of your make­up.
The third stage is the selec­tion of clothes. The longer you have been a sup­port­er of one style, the more impres­sive you will make on oth­ers by rad­i­cal­ly chang­ing your wardrobe. How­ev­er, when choos­ing things, keep in mind that no mat­ter how unusu­al the new style is for you, these things should still suit you. And most impor­tant­ly, you should feel com­fort­able in them.
Fourth — take care of your fig­ure. Agree that a plump and a slen­der girl are very dif­fer­ent in appear­ance, there­fore, if you are too thin, do mus­cle build­ing, if you are too full, also go to the gym, but in order to part with those extra cen­time­ters.