How to determine the color of the eyes of an unborn child

At child Colour eye may change during his first year of life, especially in blonds. Most babies are blue-gray or bluish-gray at birth. eyeami. By about 6 months, it becomes clear what the final Colour eye. Children with swarthy skin are usually dark gray or brown at birth. eyea. Colour eye Most often, parental genes determine, but even a great-grandmother or great-grandfather can make an unexpected contribution.
How to determine the color of the eyes of an unborn child


Colour eye – a fascinating and interesting topic that captivated many researchers for several centuries, until science helped to better understand the origin Coloura eyeand, most importantly, how it is inherited. When it comes to forecasting Coloura eye childone thing is certain: the baby will be born with blue eyeami. Almost always eyeand newborns have exactly blue Colourohm, which can subsequently darken as it is exposed to sunlight. Approximately 3-4 years old eyeand the baby usually acquires its own formed and permanent Colourwhich remains for life, whether it is blue, amber, gray, green, brown or dark brown.
Inheritance Coloura eye possible from a scientific point of view. There is an established opinion that Colour eye the baby is inherited according to the laws of Mendel. Therefore, under this law, Colour eye can be inherited in much the same way as Colour hair: dark genes are dominant Colourand, that is, the traits (phenotypes) encoded by them will take precedence over the traits that are lighter Coloura.
It is most likely that parents who have a dark Colourohm eye (brown), children will also be with dark eyeami. Accordingly, the offspring of parents with light Colourohm eyewill also have light Colour eyeand the kid of the parents, Colour eye which is different will have Colour eyewhich is more dominant. For example: dad has light green eyea, and mom’s are blue, in this case, u child may eyebut to be 60% blue and 40% green, because blue Colour is dominant. At the same time, the most common Colourohm eye brown is considered throughout the globe, and the most rare Colourohm eye considered green.