How to draw eyeliner arrows

The abil­i­ty to draw arrows belongs to the cat­e­go­ry of manda­to­ry, because with their help you can give your eyes a unique charm, if you know how to use eye­lin­er cor­rect­ly.
draw arrows
You will need
  • liq­uid eye­lin­er


Lean on a bed­side table or trel­lis (any oth­er sup­port) — this is nec­es­sary so that the hand does not flinch at the first stage. Over time, you will learn how to line your eyes using liq­uid eye­lin­er, quite con­fi­dent­ly, and you will not need sup­port. Draw­ing eye­lin­er arrows is not as dif­fi­cult as it might seem. The main thing in this busi­ness is prac­tice, the desire to learn how to draw arrows with eye­lin­er.
Pull the eye­lid with your fin­ger, half-cov­er­ing the eye on which you are going to draw the arrow. Then take a brush and draw a line along the upper eye­lid with small strokes, it is desir­able that it be even. From the first time, usu­al­ly an even arrow does not work, but it is nec­es­sary to try. Repeat the same pro­ce­dure with the sec­ond eye.
Start draw­ing the arrow from the mid­dle of the eye­lid if you have small eyes. Slight­ly draw a line around the out­er cor­ner, point it up a lit­tle — this will open the eye, visu­al­ly mak­ing it larg­er. Close-set eyes should be lined with a thin line start­ing from the mid­dle of the eye­lid, and then draw a thick­er arrow to the edge of the eye­lid, towards the tem­ples.
Draw an arrow from the inner cor­ner of the eye­lid to the out­er, if you have round eyes. This tech­nique will visu­al­ly length­en them, give them an almond shape.
Make nar­row eyes rounder by draw­ing a line with thin liq­uid eye­lin­er, and from the mid­dle make it thick­er. Thus, you will shift the focus to the mid­dle of the eye, and visu­al­ly expand it. Do not be afraid to exper­i­ment, find your own style, line your eyes and make your look more expres­sive.

Tip 2: How to draw arrows with liquid eyeliner

Liq­uid eye­lin­er is the per­fect tool to empha­size a beau­ti­ful cut of the eyes. With its help, you can visu­al­ly increase the den­si­ty of eye­lash­es, enlarge small eyes, enhance the bright­ness and bril­liance of the iris. In addi­tion, liq­uid eye­lin­er is easy to use — you just need to mas­ter a few lit­tle tricks.
How to draw arrows with liquid eyeliner

Choosing an eyeliner

Liq­uid eye­lin­er is in the col­lec­tions of many cos­met­ic brands — from lux­u­ry to bud­get. Before you buy your own copy, test the eye­lin­er in the store. Draw a few lines on your wrist and eval­u­ate their bright­ness and sat­u­ra­tion. A good eye­lin­er dries quick­ly, retain­ing deep col­or and a slight nat­ur­al sheen. Rub the applied lines with your fin­ger — a qual­i­ty prod­uct will not crack or crum­ble.

Assess the den­si­ty of the eye­lin­er. The prod­uct should not be too thick, gath­er­ing lumps. How­ev­er, an over­ly liq­uid rem­e­dy will not work. The brush should be thin and elas­tic, with­out sharp­en­ing hairs. With this brush, you can draw arrows of var­i­ous thick­ness­es.

Choose the col­or you want. For evening make-up, a clas­sic black eye­lin­er is suit­able. Dur­ing the day, col­or is more appro­pri­ate — choco­late brown, dark blue or gray. For spe­cial occa­sions, you can try bright neon or glit­ter eye­lin­er.

Several methods of applying eyeliner

Apply a fix­a­tive base and a thin lay­er of neu­tral eye shad­ow to pre­vent the prod­uct from spread­ing and hold­ing on for as long as pos­si­ble. If you are not sure that you can eas­i­ly draw arrows with liq­uid eye­lin­er, out­line the lines with a con­tour pen­cil. Eval­u­ate their sym­me­try, and then pro­ceed to work on the arrows with liq­uid eye­lin­er.

Start draw­ing a line from the mid­dle of the upper eye­lid, hold­ing the brush as close as pos­si­ble to the roots of the eye­lash­es. Draw with thin strokes, over­lay­ing them one on top of the oth­er. For greater com­fort, hold the eye­lid with your fin­gers. Be care­ful not to get too much prod­uct on the brush. It is desir­able that the eye­lin­er does not get on the eye­lash­es — when it dries, it will make them stiff.

Lead the arrow to the out­er cor­ner of the eye. If your eye­lids are low­ered, slight­ly lift the tail of the arrow up. Then con­tin­ue the line to the inner cor­ner of the eye. The low­er eye­lid should not be brought down, it is bet­ter to empha­size it with shad­ows or a soft pen­cil. Do not apply eye­lin­er on mucous mem­branes — this can cause severe eye irri­ta­tion.

Make sure that there is no light gap between the arrow and the lash line. If this hap­pens, care­ful­ly fill in the gaps with eye­lin­er or shad­ows to match. Be sure to make up the eye­lash­es, giv­ing them a beau­ti­ful curve — this will com­plete the make­up.

To visu­al­ly enlarge the eyes, expand the eye­lin­er line at the out­er cor­ners of the eye­lids. If desired, the line can be slight­ly shad­ed with an appli­ca­tor. Do this imme­di­ate­ly after appli­ca­tion, while the eye­lin­er has not yet had time to hard­en.


Pay atten­tion to the expi­ra­tion date of the eye­lin­er and its con­sis­ten­cy.

Useful advice

Use a qual­i­ty black liq­uid eye­lin­er from a well-known brand.
How to draw an eyeliner
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