How to ease teething in a child

teething teeth – an important event for the baby, and it begins for everyone at the right time, but usually at the age of 3 months and up to a year. There are children who already have one tooth at birth, and for someone they appear closer to the year. And what unites all babies during this period is a painful condition.
How to ease teething in a child


Before appearing, the tooth passes through the gum shell. And some parents want to somehow help this process go faster. But nature tried so that children’s teeth appeared on their own, so pediatricians advise not to interfere in the natural course of events. You can only ease his suffering in these moments. There are several means for this. Previously, for example, the baby was given to chew the healing root of marshmallow.
Now special rings are more popular. By the way, before giving such a ring to a child, you need to hold it in the refrigerator for a while. Such a toy relieves swelling and soothes inflammation. It is better to use silicone rings, as they can be sterilized.
Even during cutting teeth all kinds of medicines can help, to reduce the temperature, or special drugs for pain relief. But antipyretic drugs should be given only with the permission of a doctor. And on your own, you can give the baby to suck on something cold. This will temporarily soothe the pain and relieve pressure on the gums.
You can also run a cold finger or spoon over your gums, or chew on a bread stick or cracker. You can also fresh fruits and vegetables, such as cucumber or banana. But, in any case, not a carrot, because if the first tooth has already appeared, the child can bite it off and choke. If complementary foods have already been introduced, you can try cold apple puree or natural yogurt. Ordinary water in a bottle will do. But, since child at such times, poor appetite, do not be surprised if he refuses to eat. In this case, you will only have to take him in your arms, hug him and calm him down.
It is reassuring that such discomfort will accompany the baby when only the first few appear. teeth. And then the dental problem will gradually disappear. And later, eruption will not bother the child until the molars begin to appear.