How to make a towel cake

At the cel­e­bra­tion of the birth of a child or a new fam­i­ly, it is cus­tom­ary to give prac­ti­cal gifts — things that will be need­ed in the house­hold or when car­ing for a baby. How can you beat such an “ordi­nary” gift? Of course, the orig­i­nal pack­ag­ing! With­out a doubt, the heroes of the occa­sion will gen­uine­ly admire even a sim­ple set of tow­el­sif you get it in the form of a deli­cious dessert dec­o­rat­ed with ros­es or cher­ries. And the stuff­ing cake you can make an exquis­ite set of acces­sories for tak­ing a bath or oth­er use­ful giz­mos.
How to make a towel cake

You will need

  • - ter­ry tow­els;
  • - a flat dish or tray;
  • - dec­o­ra­tive rib­bons and oth­er dec­o­ra­tive ele­ments.


To make a gift “cake” out of tow­els, pur­chase sev­er­al tow­els of dif­fer­ent types and two or three match­ing col­ors. The more of them, the more tiers the “cake” will have. It’s good if they are “edi­ble” col­ors — pas­tel, cream, choco­late, white. In addi­tion to tow­els, you can use oth­er use­ful things to pre­pare this “del­i­ca­cy”: per­fumes, cos­met­ics, fig­ured soap, can­dles, soft toys, nat­ur­al or arti­fi­cial flow­ers. For a new­born, use as a fill­ing, dis­pos­able dia­pers, beau­ti­ful dia­pers or baby clothes, fold­ing them into rolls.
Take a nice flat dish or tray on which you will place the “cake”. Make its first tier from large tow­els. Fold each in sev­er­al addi­tions to get a strip suit­able for the first tier height (approx. 20–25 cm). Roll these strips into tight rolls and tie them with a thin elas­tic band in the mid­dle. Lay the rolls ver­ti­cal­ly on the tray in a round tier.
From small­er tow­els, roll up the rolls for the sec­ond tier and also grab them with an elas­tic band. Lay these tow­els on the first tier. If enough, lay out the third tier of the “cake”. By the way, in addi­tion to tow­els, you can use oth­er items of home tex­tiles (pil­low­cas­es, table­cloths) or replace some of the ter­ry tow­els with paper pack­ages.
Now dec­o­rate the cake to your lik­ing. Tie the tow­els that make up the tiers with a dec­o­ra­tive rib­bon (satin, nylon or paper), mask­ing the elas­tic bands on the rolls. From small thin tow­els, you can roll ros­es and secure with dou­ble-sided tape at the base. Arrange oth­er gift items nice­ly between the tow­els. Dec­o­rate the tiers with flow­ers, and you can place a beau­ti­ful toy on top. Try to fix all the ele­ments well so that the “cake” does not fall apart.
Help­ful advice
If you do not have a lot of tow­els, you can make such a “cake” from sev­er­al pieces. Fold each tow­el into sev­er­al folds and, start­ing with the first, wrap them all in turn in one large spi­ral. Place the cake on a plate or card­board cir­cle and dec­o­rate with rib­bons, bows, flow­ers, etc. You can make not a “cake”, but sev­er­al “cakes”.