How to measure the temperature of a newborn

Body temperature is one of the main indicators of the vital activity of the body, depending on many physiological processes. A newborn child has an unimproved system of thermoregulation and up to 3 months the body temperature is constantly changing, sensitively reacting to its fluctuations indoors or outdoors.
How to measure the temperature of a newborn


Measure temperature the child’s body is at rest. The baby should not cry, be agitated or be physically active. If he cried and was overexcited, wait half an hour and only then measure temperature.
Currently, mercury medical, electronic thermometers or a temperature indicator are used to measure body temperature in newborns. Mercury thermometer. With this device temperature determined only in the armpit (or inguinal) cavity. Wipe the skin in the fold dry, because. moisture cools the mercury. Then take the baby in your arms and place the thermometer under the armpit so that the tip is completely located in the crease. Press the baby’s arm to the body and fix it with your hand. Hold the thermometer so it doesn’t fall out. Measurement using mercury thermometers is carried out within 7-10 minutes. After completing the procedure, shake the product or hold it under running cold water.
The electronic thermometer is very popular in our time, because. allows you to determine temperature more accurate, faster and safer. It is easy to use, has a digital memory that allows you to store the data of several measurements, and a signal indicating the end of the procedure. However, it is not suitable for accurate determination of the temperature in the axillary folds, since this requires very close contact with the body. True, new thermometers with round rubber suction cups at the end have recently appeared. They allow you to measure temperature in the armpits and even in the ear. The infrared non-contact thermometer is considered the most modern today. He is able to determine temperature body even in a dream, without disturbing the child. When measuring oral temperature, place an electronic thermometer in the mouth under the tongue and wait for the beep. The average duration of the procedure is from a few seconds to 4 minutes. To determine the rectal temperature, lubricate the tip of the thermometer with baby cream (you can use Vaseline) and put the baby on the back. Raise the child’s legs with one hand, and gently insert the thermometer into the anus with the other. The insertion depth should be approximately 2 cm. Before using the product, carefully read the instructions, because. this depth may vary depending on the design of the thermometer. Hold the thermometer between your index and middle fingers while holding the baby’s buttocks with the other.
The temperature indicator is a strip with heat-sensitive squares or divisions that have digital marks and change color when body temperature changes. Place the indicator strip on the child’s forehead for about 15 seconds. There are tools that must be placed under the tongue. Measurement readings can be recognized by the last square that changed color and the corresponding designation on it. A similar method gives accurate readings of an increase in temperature only if it exceeds 37.5 degrees.

Tip 2: How to take a baby’s temperature

Body temperature is one of the most important indicators of a baby’s health. It can increase during teething or with infectious and inflammatory diseases. However, measuring the temperature of a small fidget is not so easy.
How to take a baby's temperature


If you are using a mercury thermometer, temperature can be measured in two ways: in the rectum and in the armpit. The first is more accurate, but less pleasant. The second is better tolerated by the child, but takes more time. To measure rectal temperature, put baby on your knees, insert a clean thermometer into his anus (to a depth of no more than 1.5 cm). After 3-5 minutes, evaluate the result. The norm for this type of measurement is considered to be a temperature of up to 37.5 ° C. To measure the temperature in the armpit, hold the child in a semi-recumbent position on your lap. The thermometer should be located inside the skin fold. Hold it with your free hand to keep it from falling out. Measurement time 5-7 minutes. The norm ranges from 36.5-37 ° C.
If you are using an electronic thermometer, follow the procedure as described above. The only difference will be the measurement time. As a rule, an electronic thermometer shows the result after 1-3 minutes. At the end of the measurement, it beeps.
The nipple thermometer is very handy for measuring the temperature of baby. Within 3-5 minutes, you can get an accurate result without any inconvenience for the baby. Gently rinse the thermometer and give it to your baby as a pacifier. The norm is considered to be up to 37.3 ° C. This measurement method is not suitable for those children who grow up without a pacifier.
Infrared forehead thermometer allows you to assess the condition baby in seconds. Just place the sensor on your baby’s forehead and wait for the beep. The norm ranges from 36.5-36.9 ° C.
An ear thermometer is no less convenient to use than a forehead thermometer. Turn it on and insert it into the external auditory canal. After a second, the result of the measurement will be displayed on the screen. Normally, the ear temperature should not exceed 37°C.
Helpful advice
When measuring the temperature of a child, consider the following nuances. It is different in different parts of the body. In the rectum, body temperature is higher than in the armpit, about 1 degree and 0.5 degrees higher than in the mouth. The minimum temperature is observed late at night and closer to the morning, the maximum – in the afternoon and in the evening. Teach your child to have their own thermometer.

The temperature is considered normal: in the armpit (inguinal) cavity – 36.6 degrees, in the anus – 37.6, in the mouth – 37.1 degrees.


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