How to see your turn in kindergarten

Until recent­ly, it was pos­si­ble to get on the wait­ing list for kinder­garten only by arriv­ing at the RONO (dis­trict depart­ment of pub­lic edu­ca­tion). Now Mus­covites can do this with­out leav­ing their homes, via the Inter­net.
How to see your turn in kindergarten
You will need
  • 1. Pass­port of mom or dad.
  • 2. birth cer­tifi­cate of the child.


First of all, you need to reg­is­ter on the site http://ec.mosedu.ru. This pro­ce­dure is sim­ple, and when you fill in all the required fields, you will receive an e‑mail with con­fir­ma­tion of reg­is­tra­tion.
How to see your turn in kindergarten
By click­ing on the link from this let­ter, you will find your­self in the elec­tron­ic jour­nal of future pupils. There you can fill out an appli­ca­tion for enroll­ment in a kinder­garten. It will be pos­si­ble to choose three preschool insti­tu­tions, indi­cat­ing the pri­or­i­ty. Be sure to include ben­e­fits, if any.
Then you will also receive an indi­vid­ual code for your appli­ca­tion, assigned to it by the elec­tron­ic com­mis­sion, by e‑mail.
By enter­ing this code on the main page of the site, you can always check if your queue has moved. And if the pro­ce­dure for enrolling chil­dren in kinder­gartens has sud­den­ly changed up or down, you can con­tact the RONO in a time­ly man­ner for an expla­na­tion. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, this can­not be done through the web­site. With all ques­tions, you will have to per­son­al­ly go to the dis­trict edu­ca­tion depart­ment.
How to see your turn in kindergarten
You also need to come to RONO if there are no such Inter­net ser­vices in your region. In order for your child to be enrolled in the queue for kinder­garten, you need to bring a set of doc­u­ments. This is the pass­port of mom or dad, birth cer­tifi­cate and cer­tifi­cate of res­i­dence of the baby, cer­tifi­cate of the ben­e­fi­cia­ry. Be sure to bring pho­to­copies of all papers. It is bet­ter to check the exact list before going to RONO. Some areas require addi­tion­al doc­u­ments.
How to see your turn in kindergarten
After record­ing future pupils in the jour­nal, you will be giv­en a tick­et with a num­ber. You can find out how your queue has pro­gressed by call­ing the RONO and giv­ing the code assigned to you.


It is bet­ter to enroll in a preschool insti­tu­tion imme­di­ate­ly after the birth of a child. So you will be more like­ly to go to kinder­garten in the year in which you planned.

Useful advice

Find out what queu­ing ben­e­fits are avail­able in your area. Per­haps you fall into this cat­e­go­ry, then you must be giv­en a place in kinder­garten ear­li­er than chil­dren who do not have ben­e­fits.
How to see the queue for kindergarten on the public services portal
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