How to treat constipation in newborns

Constipation – a common occurrence in children from birth to a year. Usually such a diagnosis is made if the baby has a stool delay of more than two days, and during a bowel movement he experiences discomfort, manifested by grunting, attempts and screaming. Treatment of the disease should be carried out comprehensively under the supervision of a pediatrician.
How to treat constipation in newborns


First you need to find out what causes constipation. Perhaps the child had some kind of infectious disease or the mother transferred the baby from breastfeeding to artificial. In this case, the newborn may not have enough fiber in the diet. In this case, the mother will have to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, which contribute to the production of necessary substances in breast milk.
If the food is mixed or artificial, it is better to give the baby some water, the amount will be determined by the pediatrician. He will also show what water to give the child. In addition, you can start giving fermented milk mixtures once a day. They contribute to the good functioning of the digestive tract and serve as a good prevention of constipation.
Sometimes it is necessary to use special laxatives that are prescribed by a doctor in a certain dosage, for example, Duphalac, Prelax, Lactusan.
Good massage helps in the treatment of constipation. Talk to your doctors, they may be able to recommend you the right specialist in this area. You can carry out the procedure yourself. To do this, put the child on the tummy and massage the coccyx and buttocks in a circular motion, then turn on the back and perform circular movements clockwise in the abdomen.
Try to keep the baby moving a lot during the day. Raise it on your hands, bend and unbend your legs, perform various movements with your hands, walk around the room and look at objects. Get a rubber ball and lay the baby on top of the tummy.
Pay attention to the weight of the newborn, on average, he should gain from 600 grams per month. Underweight is indicative of malnutrition.
Examine the baby for cracks and damage in the anus. Use special emollient creams and oils. In no case do not put foreign objects, sticks, pencils, etc. into the child’s anus. Talk to your doctor about using an enema. They will tell you how to perform the procedure correctly so as not to harm the newborn. Usually, for a newborn, water at room temperature is taken in an amount of 30 milliliters. For an enema this volume is enough. Do not get carried away in this way of causing bowel movements, as well as a gas tube.
With constipation, a seal often appears in the abdomen due to a large accumulation of gases. In this case, give your child dill water, which can be purchased at a pharmacy or prepared on your own, or fennel tea.
There are special cases, for example, obstruction of the rectum or small intestine. In this case, surgery is indicated.
After each meal, try to lay the baby on his tummy so that the air from the stomach, which got there during feeding, is removed from him.