How to treat diarrhea in children

Diarrhea in children is common. That is why many parents are not particularly worried when their offspring have such a nuisance. Well, think! Soon it will go away. But by no means should this be taken lightly. Relentless statistics show that 5 million children die every year from diseases accompanied by diarrhea. This attack is especially dangerous in the neonatal period and early age (up to 3 years). So how do you treat diarrhea in children?
How to treat diarrhea in children


First of all, it is necessary to establish its cause. As prescribed by the doctor, especially if the disease is prolonged and severe, feces are examined for pathogenic flora, helminth eggs, Giardia cysts. Conduct blood tests. There are specific changes in indicators characteristic of congenital and hereditary diseases, pancreatic pathology. The blood picture may also change. With food allergies, including intolerance to cow’s milk protein, as well as some helminthiases (that is, infection with worms), the number of eosinophils increases.
If the child is breastfed, it must be continued! Since mother’s milk contains a number of substances (the so-called “bifidum factors”) that contribute to the colonization of the intestines with precisely certain types of microorganisms that a person needs in optimal quantities, which ensures the protection of the baby’s body from bacterial and viral infections.
If the baby is artificial, you need to choose a special mixture with bifidobacteria or a fixing effect.
Give your child more to drink. In mild cases – mineral water without gas. If you see that the baby’s skin has become dry, easily folds and does not immediately straighten out, the child complains of dizziness, headache, dry mouth, strong thirst – there are signs of dehydration, which can lead to very serious consequences. Therefore, already before the examination by a doctor, it is necessary to start giving the baby rehydration drugs.
Solutions for rehydration – “Regidron”, “Oralit” can be bought at a pharmacy, or you can cook it yourself: stir 0.5 teaspoon of salt, 8 teaspoons of sugar, mashed ripe banana in 1 liter of clean water.
And remember that there are no strict standard treatment regimens for babies with diarrhea. All measures are determined by the attending physician, taking into account the condition of the child, the disease, the characteristics of the course of the disease.