How to wash a baby

Wash healthy child You can start almost from the very first days of life. Bathing is an important process for the proper hygiene of your baby. During the first year of life, it is recommended to do this daily. After a year child bathe as needed once every 3 days. But you can do it more often if you want. Bathing hardens, gives a good sleep and a great appetite to your child.
How to wash a baby


We accustom to water procedures Start washing the breast child only after the umbilical wound heals well enough. Usually it will take about 10 days. Until this moment, wipe the baby with a sponge moistened with warm water. This will be enough.
Place for bathingSpecial baby baths are usually purchased. Such a purchase is appropriate in the first weeks of life. Further for the development of the muscles of the baby bathe child in an adult bath. He will be able to freely move his legs and arms, roll over and even dive. Naturally, the bath must be thoroughly washed. To do this, do not use chemicals, ordinary baking soda will do.
Water temperature For swimming, the optimum temperature is about + 37 ° С. Measure the water prepared for bathing with a special thermometer. To carry out a hygienic and healing procedure at the same time, bathing water should be lowered by a couple of degrees. The temperature should be approximately +35°C. The blood flow will increase in the crumbs and the metabolism will be stimulated.
How to bathe a baby Immerse your baby in water, supporting him with a hand under the back of his head. The other hand fixes the chin child. If the baby is happy, actively moving his arms and legs, then the temperature is chosen correctly. Well, if he lies calm and relaxed, the next time you bathe, lower the water temperature by one degree.
Bath SupplementsPediatricians advise bathing child decoctions and infusions not very often. At child with various skin problems, herbs can provoke dermatitis. A healthy baby can be bathed with the addition of herbs no more than once a week.
Means for bathing a baby child pH is the main indicator in the choice of detergents. Don’t bathe child with adult cosmetic products. Buy trusted baby shampoos and bubble baths. Study the label carefully, it should not contain prohibited preservatives, bright dyes and bioadditives. The detergent should not smell strongly and have a bright color. Try to choose transparent baby gels and shampoos.