How to wean a child to eat at night

The problem of night feeding worries many parents simply because most of them dream of a good night’s sleep, and not get up several times a night. However, the attempts of many mothers to cope with it end in failure: the baby still insistently requires breasts, mixture or juice.
How to wean a child to eat at night


The body of the baby is designed in such a way that at night he feels the need for food, so it’s not worth trying to wean the baby from night feedings for up to a year. The kid will scream demandingly and if he falls asleep, then only from his own fatigue. In most cases, parents have no choice but to give a crying baby a breast? or bottle.
Older children no longer need food at night. Babies over a year old can sleep through the night, but in reality, this is not often seen. Sometimes a child calling at night Mom may not be hungry at all. So children compensate for the lack of attention and affection during the day. On a subconscious level, child the installation is formed that when he eats, his mother is nearby.
Weaning child from night feedings, remember that you should not replace formula or breast milk with sweet juice, compote or kefir. Babies tend to like their taste, so don’t be surprised if your little one drinks 2-3 glasses of liquid a night. It is best to use plain water in this case.
If you have already decided to wean the baby from night feedings, act persistently. Most importantly, tune in yourself. Before going to bed, you can feed the baby a little denser than before. But do not overdo it: meat soup or meatballs do not contribute to healthy sleep. It is better to give the child milk porridge or cottage cheese.
At night, as soon as the baby wakes up, offer him to drink boiled water. At first, you can sweeten it a little, gradually add less and less sugar. Talk to the baby in a calm and even tone, the main thing is not to betray your own excitement. Do not turn on the light if you sleep in the dark, keep a bottle of water ready. Immediately explain to the baby that he will eat in the morning, and now he will drink a little and sleep. In this case, co-sleeping helps out well, as the child feels the warmth and calmness of the mother.
Of course, wean child from feedings in one night, you are unlikely to succeed. If the baby wakes up to eat several times, reduce the number of feedings gradually. Pediatricians believe that there is nothing wrong with the fact that a child under three years old eats at night. Therefore, do not panic if your baby’s peers sleep all night long. The time will come, and your little one will also stop waking up the household.