It’s time to draw🎨

🧐 Isn’t it time? How to start? Maybe bet­ter lat­er? There are a lot of ques­tions, we will try to answer every­thing, like you, use­ful infor­ma­tion from us❤️

👶🏻 You can start from the year and it is bet­ter to choose pen­cils as the first tool. Sit down with the baby and show that the pen­cil leaves a mark if you run it over the paper, hand the pen­cil to the child and now he is mak­ing dif­fer­ent lines and strokes with inter­est, you don’t need to wait for more✏️

🗒After six months or a year, when you have already accu­mu­lat­ed a cou­ple of hun­dred sheets with traces of pen­cils, we move on to crayons or paints, and replace the leaves / album with what­man paper. Just trust me — it’s much more con­ve­nient. If you don’t want to mess around with a non-spill glass and brush­es, take paints for draw­ing with your fin­gers, the kid will be delight­ed!👧🏻

🔹 And now the process is estab­lished, the kid under­stood the prin­ci­ple, let’s move on to flow­ers. The sky is blue, the grass is green, the sun is yel­low or orange, but not if the child draws in his own way — just don’t inter­fere, then dis­cuss togeth­er😉

🟢From the age of 4, go to the fig­ures. Square, cir­cle, tri­an­gle — under­stand­ing the shapes will allow the baby to com­bine them, get­ting the out­put, say, a house with the sun above it🌞

🤔Are you wor­ried that every­thing in the house will be out­lined? It does­n’t need to, it will. And the child will put felt-tip pens into his mouth, gnaw on crayons and apply gouache war paint on him­self to the envy of all Indi­an tribes. Your task is to min­i­mize the dam­age, and for this you just need to be there and help the baby. Believe me, soon the child will begin to calm­ly draw alone, with­out repaint­ing the walls and fur­ni­ture🪑

👉 Do you draw with your child?