Your own room for a child is his lit­tle world, which will leave traces of a hap­py child­hood in his mem­o­ry.

There­fore, par­ents are faced with the task of mak­ing not only high-qual­i­ty and safe repairs, but also cre­at­ing com­fort for their beloved child.

First­ly, you need to think over the col­or scheme of the future inte­ri­or, depend­ing on the tem­pera­ment of your child and his indi­vid­ual pref­er­ences. For active chil­dren — cho­ler­ic or san­guine peo­ple rec­om­mend a calm envi­ron­ment in light, cold and neu­tral col­ors. Nat­ur­al tones (gray, brown, beige, green) are suit­able for phleg­mat­ic chil­dren. Pos­i­tive and bright col­ors (yel­low and its shades) are suit­able for a thought­ful melan­cholic.

Age also affects the choice of fur­ni­ture and decor for the chil­dren’s room. For exam­ple, chil­dren under 3 years old need a calm envi­ron­ment with a small amount of bright col­ors in order to sleep peace­ful­ly and sound­ly. You can add a height meter in sooth­ing shades to the inte­ri­or, the baby will look at inter­est­ing ele­ments, and you will watch how your baby grows.

A child from 3 years old can add brighter ele­ments that cor­re­spond to the tem­pera­ment of the child, you also need to divide the room into zones: sleep, games. study.

Walls or fur­ni­ture can be dec­o­rat­ed with remov­able dec­o­ra­tive stick­ers, they are easy to apply: they are easy to stick, easy to remove, leave no residue after use.

A lit­tle imag­i­na­tion and you will get the per­fect chil­dren’s room!