I do not play this way! — these words, accom­pa­nied by resent­ment and tears, can often be heard from chil­dren. Par­ents are wor­ried, and a peace­ful fam­i­ly evening threat­ens to devel­op into a dra­ma.

To begin with, let’s reas­sure moms and dads: if your child reacts sharply to defeat, this is com­plete­ly nor­mal, there is no need to shame him for this, let alone scold him. First, he still does not know how to cope with emo­tions. And sec­ond­ly, chil­dren up to a cer­tain age feel “omnipo­tent”: they are used to love and care, to the fact that every­thing in life is arranged the way they need. And so the bit­ter­ness of defeat for a child is unbear­able. How to deal with it? Play boardgames!

First of all, in those games where all par­tic­i­pants play on the same team. Such board games are often also called coop­er­a­tive. Is it pos­si­ble to lose them? Of course yes. But it is much eas­i­er to lose all togeth­er, and besides, old­er par­tic­i­pants will show the cor­rect behav­ior mod­el with their atti­tude towards defeat.

What are these mag­i­cal games? One of the best is “Spi­der Web”. In it, play­ers will turn into a team of res­cuers and help tiny insects togeth­er.


So imag­ine! On a green mead­ow, a hard­work­ing spi­der wove a beau­ti­ful cob­web. That’s just the lit­tle insects, cheer­ful­ly play­ing near­by, got entan­gled in it … It does­n’t mat­ter! With the help of the play­ers, all the cap­tives will jump onto the grass and con­tin­ue their game.

  • What dis­tin­guish­es “Spi­der Web” from oth­er board games for the lit­tle ones?
  • A coop­er­a­tive game in which there is no stress and resent­ment.
  • The first game that teach­es how to use scis­sors (safe kids scis­sors includ­ed).
  • Trains the account, knowl­edge of the right-left, wait­ing for their turn.
  • The game unfolds into a large and bright 3D for­est clear­ing + insect fig­ures.
  • 50 cob­webs includ­ed = about 70 hours of play­ing time
  • Can be played alone or with five

How is the game going?

A paper cob­web is stretched over the sup­port flow­ers, 10 insects and one red spi­der are placed on it. Play­ers take turns mak­ing cuts with scis­sors, try­ing to free the bugs and watch­ing the ten­sion of the web. After all, the spi­der itself should always remain in its house. As soon as all insects are free, the team of play­ers has won! But if the spi­der fell, then you have to try again! The game has 3 dif­fi­cul­ty lev­els: for kids and for old­er kids! They do not change the essence of the game, but they add new tasks to the game.


Play good games!