There are many ways to pot­ty train your tod­dler, but we’ll cov­er one that works. It’s about panties-dia­pers for pot­ty train­ing babies up to 3 years.

What is it and how does it work?

Reusable dia­per panties, often referred to as “train­ing panties”, con­sist of 100% cot­ton and 6 absorbent lay­erswhich are great for pot­ty train­ing your baby. Let’s talk about how panties-dia­pers “work”. The feel­ing of dis­com­fort after pee­ing moti­vates the baby to remove them on their own or to inform them about the need to go to the toi­let. At the same time, clothes, fur­ni­ture or floors will remain prac­ti­cal­ly clean. Panties-dia­pers can be eas­i­ly removed and dressed on the child in a stand­ing posi­tion, the elas­tic waist­band holds per­fect­ly, while not press­ing on del­i­cate skin. The prod­uct does not slip even dur­ing active games. They are elas­tic, so they will fit per­fect­ly on any fig­ure of the baby. The leg open­ings are rein­forced with soft rub­ber bands to pre­vent leak­age, while the bright col­ors and cheer­ful print look attrac­tive. The mod­el is equal­ly suit­able for girls and boys. Panty dia­pers are absolute­ly hypoal­ler­genic and safe for health.


  • For a com­fort­able pot­ty train­ing of the baby, you need to have sev­er­al spare pairs of panties for the day.
  • It is worth not­ing that after 4–5 wash­es, our train­ing dia­per panties begin to absorb the flag bet­ter due to the prop­er­ties of cot­ton.
  • These panty dia­pers are not a replace­ment for reg­u­lar dia­pers.