Raising a child is a unique and exciting experience. So that you can hear the joyful laughter of your child every day, we have prepared for you a list of products that will help you feed and entertain your baby. We will also be happy to advise you on other useful products for you and your child. The TOPKID team specializes in maternity and baby products and will be happy to help you with any questions!


For many children, the appearance of teeth is accompanied by discomfort, discomfort and even pain. At these moments, the baby can be especially capricious and irritable. To help your baby get through this period and alleviate the pain, we suggest trying a teether. Silicone teether will help relieve itching by massaging inflamed gums without harming them. Teethers are one of the favorite toys for newborns. They are like toys that can entertain and distract the child. An entertaining and educational toy will become a faithful assistant for any mother.


Soother pacifier for feeding babies. A silicone nibbler is sure to be included in your feeding kit. It is specially designed for the safe feeding of the baby and learning to chew food independently. Spoon feeding is not always convenient. The pacifier is ideal for the first feeding. A nipple with small holes is an aid for the transition period to good nutrition. The silicone mesh allows the baby to eat without the risk of choking. Baby fruit purees (not very liquid) are popular, even the most common whole fruits (banana, strawberries, etc.) or vegetables can be cut and put in a pacifier. The convenient handle allows the kid to securely hold the nibbler. During teething, the nimbler will serve as a teether, teether and help relieve itching. It is recommended for use on natural feeding from about 6 months, for children on artificial feeding from 4 months. Sterilize by boiling, the material is not afraid of high temperatures. The cap protects the mesh from contamination.

Bottles with spoon dispenser

Can something replace a piece of baby feeding utensils? Spoon or cup? Bottle-spoon for the first feeding! It’s a silicone baby spoon, cup and bottle in one! She should complete your feeding kit! The baby feeding spoon is made of polypropylene and soft silicone. The spoon has no sharp corners, so the child will not get hurt while eating. Very comfortable for feeding. Now the baby can be fed even with one hand! The special design of the bottle allows you to adjust the amount of food in the spoon with a simple touch. From such a bottle, you can feed your child with porridge, fruit and vegetable puree, yogurt, and even give liquid medicine! The range is larger than that of a nibbler or other children’s dishes! You will be able to control the amount of food eaten, because there is a special measuring scale on the dispenser bottle. The baby bottle can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher. Also included is a lid – a cap so that you can take the bottle on the road.

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