Rule number 1: Get rid of everything superfluous.

Throw away every­thing that is bro­ken, give away clothes that are not age appro­pri­ate, and sell expen­sive toys that the child no longer uses. Keep crafts, draw­ings and oth­er mem­o­ra­bil­ia exact­ly in the amount that the space can accom­mo­date. And if there is no place at all, then agree that a beau­ti­ful cre­ation hangs on the wall for a week, and then it is replaced by new draw­ings.

Rule #2: Zone the room.

Zon­ing a room is the divi­sion of space into cer­tain zones. It should be imme­di­ate­ly clear where the child will sleep, where to store things, where to play and be cre­ative. And it is bet­ter to allo­cate per­son­al space for the child. This is impor­tant for every per­son, even for a small one.

Rule #3: Organize your storage.

In the dress­ing room, as well as in orga­niz­ing a place for toys and sta­tionery, the same rules work:

1. Things are con­ve­nient to take and return;

2. Things are stored where they are used;

3. Things of the same cat­e­go­ry lie togeth­er;

4. Things that are often used are at eye lev­el, rarely used — places that are dif­fi­cult to reach have been removed.