When the tem­per­a­ture on the street is sta­ble above 5C, the basis of the chil­dren’s wardrobe becomes things from a dense foot­er with fleece. Peo­ple also call them “fleece”, although this is not entire­ly cor­rect. Today we want to con­sid­er the 5 main advan­tages of buy­ing a baby one­sie from a fleece foot­er:

1. This thing is all-weath­er. Such a pur­chase can be con­sid­ered an invest­ment. In the spring we wear with jack­ets, vests. Cool sum­mer — as an inde­pen­dent thing. In autumn again with out­er­wear, and final­ly in win­ter as an under­gar­ment. Per­haps only in very hot weath­er above 25C over­alls will not come in handy.

2. The main advan­tage of over­alls: no mat­ter how active­ly the child runs, jumps and climbs the slides, his back is always secure­ly closed! The pants will not slip, the back will not be bare, the T‑shirt will not get out. You can be absolute­ly calm for your child, he is not afraid of any winds.

3. Usu­al­ly moth­ers hes­i­tate to buy baby over­alls because of dif­fi­cul­ties with the toi­let. After all, if a child wants to go to the toi­let in a pub­lic place, he will actu­al­ly have to com­plete­ly undress. And if there is still a jack­et on top, the event gen­er­al­ly becomes very tir­ing. But here they come to the res­cue — over­alls with a valve for the toi­let! The mag­ic zip­per at the back opens eas­i­ly, allow­ing you to do impor­tant things with­out hav­ing to take any­thing off.

4. Get dressed quick­ly and take a long walk — the pledge of this scheme is again a jump­suit! Put your arms, legs, zip­per up — and you’re done! Most chil­dren man­age on their own in less than 1 minute.

5. Dura­bil­i­ty: If the jump­suit is made of high qual­i­ty knitwear, it will eas­i­ly endure hun­dreds of wash­es with­out los­ing its appear­ance. Long oper­a­tion will also serve as “grow­ing” cuffs. By pur­chas­ing one good over­alls, you will pro­vide a key ele­ment of the basic chil­dren’s wardrobe for sev­er­al sea­sons!

In the range of Bral­isa brand you will always find a large selec­tion of cool chil­dren’s over­alls. See you on our brand page on Wild­ber­ries!