Most often, during the summer holidays, children find their own activities. But sometimes boredom and monotony take over. At such moments, parents can offer boys and girls new interesting ideas and activities. How to make summer bright, colorful and memorable? We made a list of 50 unhackneyed activities that will help the child forget about despondency and boredom.

And you join!

1. Go boating with dad.

2. Make a hut in the park or in the forest.

3. Cook strawberry, apricot or raspberry jam.

4. Write and mail letters to friends and family.

5. Go to the forest for strawberries or mushrooms.

6. Arrange a country disco or a themed party for friends (in Hawaiian, pirate style).

7. Prepare homemade ice cream (fruit ice, sorbet).

8. Set up a small garden on the balcony or veranda.

9. On a cloudy day, have a board game night with friends and grandma.

10. Start learning a new and unusual foreign language.

11. Make a herbarium or wildflower arrangement.

12. Go on a day trip.

13. Arrange a bike race.

14. Shoot your own movie on your phone using modern video editing applications and materials at hand.

15. Learn to do magic tricks.

16. Make a mosaic of multi-colored pebbles or fragments of old dishes.

17. Learn to look for constellations in the night sky using a star map.

18. Compile a book of simple recipes for children.

19. Arrange a photo shoot in nature.

20. Conduct a tea ceremony according to all Eastern rules.

21. Have a picnic with friends.

22. Make a collage from natural materials.

23. Make smoothies or smoothies with seasonal fruits and berries.

24. Make a map of the village, city, district and arrange a tour of it for parents.

25. Ride electric scooters.

26. Fly a kite.

27. Go fishing with your parents or friends, and maybe even with your grandfather.

28. Draw a landscape with oil paints.

29. Make a photo album of summer shots.

30. Study the traditions of the countries of the world.

31. Surprise your parents and weed all the beds on the site.

32. Arrange fights with water pistols.

33. Ride a catamaran.

34. Find and collect medicinal herbs and dry them so that you can drink herbal tea in autumn and winter.

35. Make paper crafts using the technique of origami (folding) and kirigami (cutting out of folded paper).

36. Dye a t-shirt in a fashionable taidai technique.

37. Make small boats and run them into a stream, pond or river.

38. Feed wild birds.

39. Make jewelry from improvised materials.

40. Arrange an interview for grandma or grandpa about what life was like when they were young.

41. Organize a sand theater or shadow theater at home.

42. Arrange a home festival of documentary and educational films.

43. Make a vase from a bottle and scrap materials.

44. Play twister outdoors.

45. Start keeping a personal diary.

46. ​​Make a decorative garden house from a cardboard box, textile and natural materials.

47. Arrange a fight with water bombs.

48. Engage in painting flat stones with paints or permanent markers.

49. Go to the nearest park or forest for zoological research with a camera (take pictures of insects, birds, lizards, rodents).

50. Write a collection of short stories or a whole summer story.