Play­ing in the bath­room is a fun activ­i­ty for young chil­dren, under the super­vi­sion of adults. A bath helps to relax, warm up, calm down, and, of course, no one has can­celed edu­ca­tion­al games. Here are some inter­est­ing games for the baby when bathing:

1) Cheer­ful fish­er­man. Fish can be caught with a mag­net­ic fish­ing rod or moth­er’s strain­er, instead of fish, you can use eggs from kinders or ping-pong balls.

2) Fish­er of pearls and jew­els. Pour the peb­bles and shells to the bot­tom and look for.

3) A dili­gent laun­dress. We wash clothes of dolls, it is pos­si­ble togeth­er with dolls, because they also want to be clean and tidy.

4) Huge bub­bles. We inflate huge bub­bles through soap fin­gers. Very enter­tain­ing!

5) Ship­wreck. Kinder toys were sail­ing on a boat, and there was a real trop­i­cal storm. What to do? Res­cue every­one now!

6) Jacuzzi. No, it’s not what you think! The kid takes a straw for juice and blows through it into the water, it turns out a small jacuzzi.

7) Water gun. You don’t have to buy a water pis­tol. You can sim­ply make a hole in the cap of a soda bot­tle. The kid will have fun shoot­ing water at pre-pre­pared tar­gets.

8) King of the bath. To do this, you need to make the baby a chic foam hair­style. Court rub­ber toys! Bow down to the bath king!

How to make swim­ming safe? To pre­vent the baby from acci­den­tal­ly slip­ping in the bath, it is nec­es­sary to glue a chil­dren’s anti-slip mat to the bot­tom of the bath. Chil­dren’s bath mat has an oval shape, dec­o­rat­ed with fun­ny prints — fish, ducks, marine ani­mals, tur­tles, frogs, var­i­ous marine para­pher­na­lia. All pic­tures are made on a trans­par­ent back­ground, they look bright, they will cer­tain­ly attract the eye of a child, help him fall in love with water pro­ce­dures and turn them into a fairy tale. Look: just one rug, and a bor­ing bath turns into a whole sea with cheer­ful bright inhab­i­tants. This is an ide­al solu­tion for those who have small chil­dren: the prod­uct will make it pos­si­ble to pro­tect the child’s feet from hypother­mia, and will also give him a good mood while swim­ming.

As soon as chil­dren appear in the house, the house is filled with chil­dren’s laugh­ter, fun, chil­dren’s toys, things that do not always fit into a strict thought­ful inte­ri­or. But this sto­ry is not about our rugs, which are so good that they will dec­o­rate any bath­room inte­ri­or.

Anti-slip PVC mat is a cost effec­tive solu­tion for your bath­room. It is suit­able for per­ma­nent use, as it is not afraid of con­tact with mois­ture. You can pur­chase bath mats from an online store to use them every day. PVC does not dete­ri­o­rate from inter­ac­tion with water, dries quick­ly and is not a col­lec­tor of bac­te­ria. Even after pro­longed use, fun­gus spots will not appear on it, mold will not appear. The mate­r­i­al is very pleas­ant, soft, suit­able for the small­est chil­dren. At the same time, it mas­sages the feet, improves blood cir­cu­la­tion. Pre­vents slip­ping, will save your child from falling on slip­pery wet tiles or in the bath itself. To put the bath mat in order, it will be enough to wash it under warm water with soap. After dry it and use as usu­al.