The VOKSWILL® brand clothing store is associated not only with premium quality tailoring, but also with the unique ability to predict the relevance of manufactured products in such a way as to “hit the spot”, that is, to predict how much a particular model will appeal to a future consumer.

Taking into account the studied current children’s and teenage collections of the current season, a bomber jacket was developed that is suitable for both a boy and a girl.

Today, the bomber jacket is considered one of the most fashionable elements of the wardrobe, which is in demand in many countries. A versatile knitted jacket from the VOKSWILL® brand will be a worthy alternative to a cardigan, sweatshirt, denim jacket or jacket.

The most important difference between bombers is the presence of knitted elastic bands on the cuffs of the sleeves, on the collar, along the bottom cut. These details of the products on the children’s bomber jacket are very functional, they create a fit on the figure and perfectly protect against the penetration of wind. The presented bomber jacket model is equipped with deep comfortable pockets and has a slightly fitted silhouette. Also in this product, elbow pads are provided, which not only play the role of a decorative element, but also carry a functional load – they protect a critical place from abrasion.

Buy a VOKSWILL® knitted bomber jacket! Add style and comfort to your child!