A baby’s sleep is a very impor­tant moment of his lit­tle life and what a beau­ti­ful, sweet and ten­der one he is for his par­ents.
How­ev­er, you must admit that not every­thing is so sim­ple in the process of falling asleep — often par­ents face cer­tain dif­fi­cul­ties.

For exam­ple, dur­ing night feed­ing, the moth­er sim­ply does not have the strength to shift the baby to the crib. This hap­pens one, two, three times and often ends with a joint dream.
This is anoth­er cause for con­cern for par­ents: from any move­ment, mom wakes up, checks if every­thing is in order, if dad pressed down, if the child fell …

As soon as the par­ents under­stand that they can­not con­tin­ue like this, it is time to move the baby to the crib.
But then the main ques­tion aris­es: Where to start?

And you need to start with the arrange­ment of the crib

Here it is impor­tant to make sure that both the baby and the par­ents like it.

The first is the choice of bed­ding. In order for the child to be com­fort­able after the car­ing hands of the moth­er, the bed should be cozy, warm, smell deli­cious, and the pas­tel should be pleas­ant to the touch and pleas­ing to the eye.

That is why the bed should be of good qual­i­ty.

And do not for­get about the aes­thet­ic aspect, so that the par­ents them­selves would like the equipped bed and they would like to put the child to sleep there.

It is also impor­tant to take care of the tem­per­a­ture in the room — not cold and not hot. It is best to ven­ti­late the room half an hour before going to bed.

It is bet­ter to leave the muf­fled light from the night lamp, and close the cur­tains tight­ly. A humid­i­fi­er will also help if you have strong bat­ter­ies in the apart­ment. By plac­ing a small humid­i­fi­er in the baby’s room with a good sooth­ing essen­tial oil (such as laven­der) and the room is ready for a rest­ful sleep for the baby