[ad_1] Kids are drawn to every­thing new and they are very inter­est­ed in what an adult is cur­rent­ly doing. The child learns by repeat­ing the actions that he saw. And cook­ing is no excep­tion. Get ready, we will teach you how to cook with chil­dren in one post ⠀ It is unlike­ly that you will be able to inter­est a child under 5 years old, but if you want, please. Just for­get about com­plex dish­es and culi­nary delights. Ide­al­ly, with the baby you need to start cook­ing what you are very good at. And do not take a dish that takes longer than 20–30 min­utes to cook, the child may get bored or tired ⠀ Pre­pare the room — remove the excess and what will be dis­tract­ing. If it is pos­si­ble to put a table in the cen­ter of the kitchen, do so, let the baby have access from all sides. With prod­ucts the same sto­ry — wash veg­eta­bles or fruits in advance, mea­sure or weigh bulk ingre­di­ents in advance, defrost the fin­ished dough ⠀ Explain to the kid what tools and devices you will use. Let the knife be held, the blender and pan weighed, show the stove in oper­a­tion, and remind you that the fire is hot. Accord­ing­ly, tell us how to behave in the kitchen with one or anoth­er object ⠀ Final­ly a recipe! Read to your child or with him so that the child under­stands the stages of cook­ing. And dis­trib­ute the roles — who will do what. While you are cut­ting the sausage, the baby can roll out the dough, and you will already be putting the ingre­di­ents on it togeth­er. Do you already know what dish we are talk­ing about? ⠀ That’s right, piz­za or hot sand­wich­es are per­fect for intro­duc­ing your baby to the kitchen. But also a fruit sal­ad with whipped cream, the child will also be hap­py to help you make it first, and then eat it. ⠀ Final clean­ing. The kid is already able to wipe off the table and put the dirty in the sink. It can be pre­sent­ed as a game, offer to “cov­er your tracks” so that no one guess­es what was hap­pen­ing in the kitchen. We are sure that your baby will def­i­nite­ly get a very tasty dish. What do you usu­al­ly cook with your kids? [ad_2]