Agree, nothing creates coziness in the interior like handmade decor! These things carry warmth and give it to the surrounding space.
In this review, we will tell you about some of the new Fox-In-Box creative kits, with which you can make an original night light in the nursery together with your child.
In the string art technique, according to your taste, you can choose a panel with Lyova in laconic calm shades or a cute spring Bunny with a wreath of delicate flowers. By the way, this can be a great gift option for Easter.

In the kit you will find a base with a printed background and a drawing-scheme measuring 20*20 cm. It will be difficult for a child under 12 years old to cope with winding threads on their own, but sticking carnations into the base will definitely captivate children over 5 years old! Carnations are inserted with little effort, you can use the thimble, which is also included.
The function of a night light is added by an LED thread, which is fixed in the picture under the threads. There are already batteries in the box, in the future they can be replaced as needed.

Another, simpler version of the night light is a set with your photo. For example, a family photo is placed in a plastic blank in the form of a heart (10cm). LED thread, twine and lace decorate a 20cm ring, resulting in a country-boho composition.

The kit also comes with a set of white feathers – they can be hung on strings, fixed on a ring, by analogy with a dream catcher. And if you wish, you can add anything to the design from ribbons and beads to paper flowers or small figures made of felt, then you will get a mobile phone!
The set is also good as a gift or wedding decor.


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