Wooden rattle with a bell “Owl” is a ringing gift for your baby. Pleasant to the touch, the toy makes a melodic sound, attracting the attention of the crumbs. The pleasant rattle is suitable for sensitive skin and hearing of your crumbs. In the first stages of a child’s life, it is very important to stimulate the development of his feelings. Rattle the owl over the baby’s bed. An extraneous sound will make him listen and look towards the toy. This exercise helps develop auditory analyzers. After a while, the baby begins to play with the rattle on his own. Wooden rattle with a bell Owl – a pretty owl rests on a wooden handle that fits perfectly in the palm of your child. He manipulates the toy: shakes, tries on the tooth. The environmentally friendly rattle has a bactericidal property, so the baby can chew it safely. The rattle is absolutely safe – it is sawn from solid beech, all edges and corners are rounded, soaked in edible linseed oil. The bell is tied tightly with a twisted cord made of 100% cotton. The rattle is light, its handle is very comfortable for the child to grip. A large bell (3 cm) rings melodiously when shaken. This wooden rattle is the perfect gift for any newborn baby. It’s so great if the first materials that the baby comes into contact with are natural. Go to the product card, we will answer any of your questions. Our store has a large assortment of toys for your baby made of natural wood! Always glad to see you!