Is your child afraid of doc­tors? Are you puz­zling over how to cap­ti­vate your baby, but dolls and cars no longer work? Or are you look­ing for a uni­ver­sal chil­dren’s gift for any preschool age?

Expand your lit­tle one’s world with the Doc­tor’s Kit!

The doc­tor’s set is suit­able for role-play­ing games for boys and girls from one to six years old with their par­ents and friends in the sand­box. Dur­ing the game, your child will get acquaint­ed with the fas­ci­nat­ing world of med­i­cine, find out what Aibolit did from his favorite book and try him­self in the role of any doc­tor: ther­a­pist, den­tist or vet­eri­nar­i­an.

The set is made of envi­ron­men­tal­ly friend­ly mate­ri­als and there­fore absolute­ly safe for our lit­tle doc­tors! The set includes 14 items: a stetho­scope, doc­tor’s glass­es, a syringe, 3 pills in cap­sules, a pre­scrip­tion form, tweez­ers, scis­sors and scis­sors-clips, a med­i­cine spoon, a scalpel, a flash­light, and a tooth for play­ing den­tist.

While play­ing with the doc­tor set, your child will: 1. get to know a new job 2. for­get about pos­si­ble fears before vis­it­ing the hospital3. will begin to per­ceive as a game the moth­er’s attempts to give the mix­ture or drip into the nose4. learn to take care of oth­ers: from par­ents and friends to toys and pets 5. acquire role-play­ing skills6. will take a step for­ward in the devel­op­ment of fine motor skills And most impor­tant­ly 7. will give you, par­ents, a short break in class­es with a lit­tle fid­get!

You can order a chil­dren’s doc­tor’s kit in our store.