When a baby appears in the house, it becomes necessary to monitor his growth in order to know how the child develops, what size of clothes to buy for him. With this you will be helped by a stadiometer-sticker, which will not only be a useful accessory, but also decorate your baby’s room. Planes, helicopters and balloons in a watercolor style will become a bright and colorful accent in the nursery, adding lightness and tenderness. The child will measure his height with curiosity, because it is so interesting how much he has changed in a month or a year!

The height meter in the form of a sticker is very convenient to use, as it is cut along the contour, it does not need to be joined and it is easy to stick on almost any surface. Children’s height meter is safe for health – it is printed with environmentally friendly eco-solvent inks on strong and durable materials. It is better to mark the dates of the baby’s measurements with a permanent marker, and in order to correctly place the height meter on the wall or furniture, you need to measure 50 cm from the floor, combining with a ruler. If you save the substrate and tube, the height rod can be carefully removed, glued to the substrate and packed in a tube. The interior stadiometer will carefully and reliably keep the most important moments and events in your baby’s life. Every minute spent with your child is priceless!


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