How to carry a baby. What is the most comfortable and safe position for the child?

For babies from birth there is very convenient carrying – sling. But… how many years have we heard that the only acceptable position for a newborn is lying down, lying down and only lying down! And suddenly we are offered to wear such a baby not only vertically, but also almost sitting! Is it possible?!

Indeed, the spine of the new man is not yet strong. For a whole year, he will have to grow, form deflections characteristic of an adult upright creature, which will allow him to resist gravity. And yes, it is possible! Because competent vertical carry in a sling just allows the back of the baby to maintain exactly the shape that will provide a uniform load and proper development of the joints and muscles.

For those who want to understand thoroughly and make sure that the sling is really safe and useful for the child – a detailed analysis.

What is this position that is ideal for a child? Do you want to see it? Lean back in the deep seat and place the baby on your chest with your belly. Lightly insuring with your palms, give him the opportunity to relax and take the position he wants. Watch. A child of the first weeks of life, most likely, will gather into an “embryo” – a rounded back, arms and legs tucked under him. And the older kid will confidently lean on his hands, and even start to turn his head, and then he will try to crawl! This very position is a hint to us what position the child should strive for in the sling. Let’s highlight three important points.The younger the child, the stronger his back is rounded. When he confidently holds his head and uses his hands – this means that the thoracic region has matured – the upper part of the back can be straightened. But in the pelvic area, the spine is formed much later, so the lower back in the sling should always be rounded. In this case, the pelvis is slightly removed from the mother’s abdomen. This will help the baby to relax the back, the upper part of his body will, as it were, lie on his mother’s chest. It is this position provides the baby with a sling!

The maturation of the hip joints is inextricably linked with the lower spine. The position in which the legs are bent at the knees, slightly apart and pulled up to the tummy is exactly what will provide the best conditions for this process. Consultants call it M-position or CRP – bent-spread position. It is this position provides the baby with a sling!The neck of a small child seems weak as a stalk, and the head is disproportionately heavy. However, you should not try to specifically press the baby’s head in a sling – this way you only risk interfering with the freedom of breathing. It is better to pay attention to the fact that the baby’s shoulders are well supported in the sling. It is there that the center of gravity of the child’s body is located, and this will help maintain balance, so that the head does not hang out. However, it can be additionally insured – tuck a soft roller from a small diaper under the upper edge of the sling.

This position of the child is basic for any winding and any type of sling. This position is natural and beneficial for the baby. Therefore, a sling is useful, convenient and physiological. In this position, the baby can be placed and in a sling with ringsand in brand sling scarf Mum’s era.

We know that moms want to carry their babies properly and safely. Therefore, we make sure that our conscious customers receive support and assistance.

Namely: for each Mum’s Era sling, we put detailed illustrated instructions in the kit. For those who are too lazy or have no time to deal with the instructions, there is also a certificate for free training. Our video call consultant will tell and show you everything step by step! Make your first winding easy and you yourself will feel how cool it is – free hands and relief for your mother’s back. At the same time, the safety and comfort of the baby. Choose your new sling.


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